Free Printable : Iqra' Wall Art

I think I probably have a mental block that everything that goes on to a wall has to be in a frame.

Hence, we have loads of frames at home.

It gets boring when the only thing being framed are family photos (we already have enough of them).

So one day, I thought that I should design some words or sayings worthy of remembrance. It struck me that we actually have a lot of inspiring quotes from the holy Quran.

We love reading and always believed in the power of knowledge, so here is a line from the first revelation - surah Al-'Alaq.

We have put it up on our bookcase in the living room for a reminder.


I have decided to share this wall art with you, so feel free to click on the link below to download and print it for yourself :)

FYI, I have designed it to fit in a 29 cmx 29 cm frame, so it is quite big.

Let me know if you like it, maybe I can design more in the future, insya Allah.


moga dimurahkan rezeki for designing and giving away ur designs like this.

it's lovely!
Nadine said…
cantiknya! suka! jazakallah for sharing :)
Tisha said…
nice! nt blk bole la auk print out!
Serenely said…
I like the idea of framing quotes and sayings for decor. We have heaps of photos framed up around the house. But this is such a simple but terrific idea and a nice way to mix things up besides the usual display of photos.
Ayuni A. said…
Welcome everyone.. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Serene, indeed..I am getting tired of just looking at photos. Glad that this idea came into mind :)
ctsal said…
Thank you for sharing and this is so beautiful.

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