My awkward muffins

I am not much of a baker.

But I admit that when I see those decadent cakes and pastries in the making, I feel like doing it too.

I think it is mostly because they are lovely, and I drool over lovely things especially when it involves some degree of creativity.

I have discovered a baking shop near my office the other day, Bagus Seksyen 13 (I know, I know, you bakers have known about this shop gazillions years ago) and it has completely charmed me and turned me into this little awkward baker.

How can a woman NOT shop for anything when in that darn store? I mean, gold and silver beads that you can eat?? And chocolate buttons?? T_T

So this is what happened the other day when I came out of that shop with some premixed flour and a basket full of sugary goodness. Anddd..after a little struggle in the kitchen with my weighing scale that have ran out of battery because I have not used it for like a year, d'uh:

muffin from bagus premixed flour

Meet my quirky, sloppily glazed and downright "senget" muffins. Thehehe.

I had Bella to help me sprinkle those colourful things on top. She loved doing it, of course, but as usual she would not have a taste. Pffft...

Anyway, the idea was to actually make use of some oranges that I have in the kitchen, so I added some orange zest and fresh orange juice into the batter. It turned out pretty tasty (its a premixed flour, it BETTER taste good!), albeit being "improvised" with my oranges.

OK so this baking thing - its addictive.

I have a mix of butter cake and chocolate moist waiting patiently in my pantry, complete with a set of cupcake cases and piping bags for me to make use of.

Let's see how it turns out soon. I promise I'll post about it even if it turns out a disaster. Heheh.


ryyhan said…
I thought I am the only one with senget muffin and even cupcake...but your post and I saw my friend post make me realised we are in the same boat...!

Nampak gaya memang kena belajar lagi since kat kedai muffin/ cupcake sume elok je :)
Serenely said…
As long as it tastes good, that's good enough! The only reason I bake is to eat anyway... any family members or friends who get to enjoy anything I make just happen to be side beneficiaries! ^_^
Ayuni A. said…
Ryyhan: Haha kan...i guess practice makes perfect!

Serenely: Quite true indeed!

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