Goodbye 2014

2014 is coming to an end.

It has been a wonderful year for my little family, with the addition of Khaleeli especially. I could not be more grateful for His blessings, Alhamdulillah.

These days has been full of sad stories though, and it is such a melancholic way to bid goodbye to 2014.

I feel close to those affected by the floods throughout the nation, perhaps because I have a little experience of how bad flood can be. Well, that was nothing compared to what they are facing right now anyway. I pray that Allah gives them the strength to endure such trials, and that things gets better soon.

I have been following the flood stories mostly from my friends and families (thank God that they are not so badly affected), and also through Facebook (although I had a hard time braving myself through nasty comments from idiotic people).

Another plane, Air Asia QZ8501, also went missing just a few days ago. That too brought shudders to our nation because we have not really settled from the Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 incident, and AirAsia is also one of Malaysia's commercial plane company.

I feel sorry for the losses suffered by the families. As cliched as this may sound, I truly can't imagine how it feels.

What a way to end the year.

Nevertheless, let's welcome 2015 with open minds and open hearts. I hope that your 2014 was just as wonderful, and I pray that the new year brings more joy and happiness to you and  your family.

Adios 2014.


Syahida said…
my hearts goes to all flood victims, families of mh370/mh17/qz8501 passengers, unfortunate muslims in palestine, syria and all parts of the world :(

May 2015 brings a new chapter with wonderful pages and colours, insyaAllah

Happy New Year, Ayuni
Our heart breaks to hear these news kan, but Allah promises us that with every hardship there will be ease. Inshaallah good things are coming.
Happy New Year :)

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