Getting crafty with Bella

Having a preschooler around means one thing - they have loads of energy.

Gone are the days when she naps on the same time every day, these days she just naps when she feels like it. Most of the time is spent on doing things. The "messier" the thing is for me, the more fun it is for her.

One minute she tells me she is going to school on her scooter, and another minute she is busy building a fort with the laundry pile.

So, when I could no longer stand the mess I figured that it was time for me to make use of my craft stash (one that I have kept for too long actually, waiting for me to finally find time!).

The idea came randomly, what I did was google for animal patterns on the internet for me to sketch and cut, and we were done :)

Here is what you need:

A set of cork mats (bought it from IKEA)
Colourful felt clothes (bought it from Daiso)
A very sharp scissor (makes cutting the felt easier)
PVA Glue (I bought ours from Mothercare)
Googly eyes (I bought them from Spotlight)
Colourful pompoms (also from Spotlight)
Animal patterns (cat, bunny, owl)  (you can google it for reference)

Here is how we did it (its not that complicated, really) :

1) Draw the pattern of the animals of your choice on the felt. Make sure it fits the cork mat size.

2) Cut the pattern out and stick it on the cork mat with PVA glue (have your preschooler do it, this is where the fun part is!)
Tip: DO NOT freak out if the position is funny. Guide them gently and let them be the creative master, lol.

3) Stick the googly eyes to make the eyes and use the pompoms to decorate too.

4) Once done, think of a place to mount them. In our case, I use them to fancy up Bella's play area downstairs.

That's about it. Get crafty now and have fun! :)


letti said…
adrianathani said…
Ooh! This is brilliant! Gonna put it on the list for school holiday crafts with the kids!
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks Letti and Adriana..Give it a try and let me know how it turned out! Have fun! :)

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