Khaleeli's Akikah and Bella's Bday Party

This happened last weekend :

Devil's Belgian Choc Cake by Flavox Pattiserie
Cupcakes by my friend, Dianne Dayanna

I setup the party table myself. I really don't know how I managed to do it, but I did!

And let me tell you it was, errr, tiring too. Heheh.

The tiring part was doing the DIY - printing, cutting, pasting, assembling. However the sight of it when it is complete just gave me the satisfaction and I am happy that Bella really appreciates it :)

The theme was Lego Movie, and I got all the designs from the banner to the mineral water label to the menu cards from Etsy. All I did was buy the design set and download the JPEG files and send it out for printing. It turned out really nice.

The star of the party would be the decadent Belgian Chocolate Cake and the scrumptious cupcakes baked by 2 of my baker friends. Good thing I have them to rely on whenever I need the perfect sweet treats.

And these are the looks from Khaleeli's Akikah setup. Just a simple cradle corner and some doorgifts. I really love the blue polkadot paperbag. Bought it from a nice craft vendor - Neelocraft. She has quite a collection of coloured and patterned craft paperbags and doilies. So pretty.

A lot of my friends could not make it though. Some had to decline and apologized but some just went silent I don't know what happened. Wish they could have make it though.

Anyway, it was still a great event :) If you were there, thank you very much for coming,  we really appreciate it! If I missed anyone, I would like to apologize too. Insya Allah will keep you in mind next time.

Alhamdulillah. Selesai sudah :)

Cradle decoration by Aidear

Paperbags and stickers from Neelocraft


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