Meet our Khaleeli

It's September. 12 days post labour.

My due date was supposed to be on 29th, but Allah has granted my wish to have the baby earlier.

Honestly I was praying hard that the baby won't go overdue, I would not want to think of inducing and other methods to coax him to come out.

Turned out that his birthday was at 12.15 am, 21st August 2014.

Alhamdulillah, I have given birth safely to a baby boy. It was a successful VBAC and natural birth, despite being a gruelling 40 hours of labour (my water broke at 8.15am on 19th August).

Since I did not want to be induced, I had to let nature take its course. Hubby and I slept overnight at the labour room, and it was not a very pleasant room to settle down and get cosy.

The pain was bearable during the first 30 hours or so, but the real deal began during the last 10. Long story short, my baby was ready to come out and his head was very low, but apparently, my cervix dilates very slowly.

That means that I was in an intense contraction (the kind that makes me wanted to poop) for quite a long time but my cervix was only at 5cm. The progression to 10cm was very long, even Dr Idora had to admit that she can't really tell how long do I have to wait.

Eventhough the plan was to have a natural and no intervention birth, I have to admit that things did not turn out 100% according to plan. I agreed for a number of VEs (because I just have to know how long I have progressed), I surrendered to the gas for pain management and I allowed Dr Idora to help me with the dilation (I think she had to do some massage or something in there) - which actually helped. I also had to surrender to purple pushing, I was too tired enduring the long hours of pain to ask to change positions, but Dr Idora and the nurses was so encouraging and did their best to help me with my effort.

Not to mention my husband who reminded me of a coach of sorts, giving me strength throughout the labour and to push baby out (eventhough I think to a certain extent I was being annoying when I was high with the gas. Hahah.That part was funny, I felt like floating and I was talking silly). He was my pillar of strength, strength that I gained  everytime I saw his face encouraging me. Thanks dear :*

I ended up with a first degree natural tear. In retrospect, maybe it was not a really gentle birth, but I am not looking back with regrets because I was aware of my decisions and what is being done to my body and my baby - that is all that matters.

Meet our newfound love, Engku Khaleeli bin Engku Emri. Born at 3.02 kg with lots and lots of hair. Heheh. Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

Khaleeli at 12 days. He is diagnosed with jaundice though, I am actually quite worried :(


cocochaneta said…
rindunyebau newborn..=)) tenag je tgk muka Khaleeli
Nadine said…
Alhamdulillah, such a handsome boy he is. Nice name too! Congrats again Yuni and Emri! :)
Huda@Hood said…
Alhamdulillah semua ok.

Baby comel sangat!

Tahniah Yuni and family.

Kakak Bella mesti paling happy.

Ayuni A. said…
Thanks everyone :*
Amnah Shurfa said…
Just catching up on your posts! Congrats! I also had a vbac. Alhamdulillah. Hope all is well.

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