23 weeks : Childbirth Education Class

It's May.

April has been a breeze, just like any other month, but this year particularly, there were too much things happening in it and helped it fly by a wee bit faster.

As usual April is our month. Hubby's birthday, my birthday, our anniversary. So much love. But alas this year we did not celebrate it properly, heck, I even forgot that it was our anniversary. But it does not mean that we did not appreciate it, of course.

A sweet surprise birthday cupcakes from my colleague

Us :)

Kakak Bella :)

Our love grew only stronger, what's more with a new person coming into the family :) Hubby bought me a Macbook Air (yeay) which we both agreed is the lumpsum present for me. Hahah. Kan Bi? 

Earlier in April I was involved with an event planning for my company, a full fledged VVIP event with the PM officiating it. I tell you, it was darn exhausting. But fun, that's for sure. I have learned a lot of things helping my colleagues to manage it, but now I am not sure whether it is something that I want to do full time. LOL. I think I'd pass. My admiration goes to the people who do it everyday, I guess it takes a lot of stamina and perseverance to work in event management.

Well that was work.

On a more exciting note, i am now at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Yikes, another week and I am a complete 6-month. Everyone could not believe that but it is true.

Like I said, this time around I am preparing myself for a natural, better birth experience, so, finally (after having quite some tough time convincing my husband to join) we both attended a childbirth education class by AMANI.

Was it worth it?

Totally. I'd advocate a childbirth class to all mothers out there, it was such an eye-opener and helps you understand how a woman's body is perfectly designed to give birth to a baby. It makes you embrace your own strength, and trust your body instead of fearing birth itself. After all, it is a natural process.

Besides that, AMANI course taught us how to manage ourselves during the birthing process, giving insights on what the husband could do for the mother. Teamwork, definitely. Also some birth positions, and some alternatives that we can use to manage the "sensations" of labour instead of blindly resorting to drugs.

It also equipped us with information necessary to help us evaluate any actions that we decide to take with regards to the birth. I personally think that it should help me work better with my obgyn - especially when she is also willing to work with me to achieve my birthing goal. Insya Allah.

So childbirthing class, check.

Antenatal classes like the ones offered in hospitals? Nah..after attending one I strongly recommend that you invest your time and money in a childbirthing class instead. Seriously ;)

My shopping mojo for the baby has also came heheh. I am considering cloth diapers but I have not decided yet. Should I or should I not? Meanwhile, I'll just grab some clothes first. Who can resist those cute little blue outfits (did I tell you that we are very likely expecting a boy?) Hehe.

Till then.


Im feeling excited! :) Hope you'll share more about the natural birthing experience. Happy belated birthday and happy anniversary!
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks very much Mama Haraz :) I know I suck at replying comments...arghh..

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