19 weeks, and still praying for #MH370

22 days since we lost #MH370.

The past few weeks and until today has been emotional, generally to Malaysians and particularly to the people affected directly by the lost - friends and families.

I could not imagine putting myself in their shoes, even until today there is a certain degree of uncertainty and loose ends, which will not go away until anything solid has been found.

Like the rest of us, I have been following the story very closely. I could not help but let myself drown in the emotions, there was even a time when my tears flow so easily every time I hear the news.

It's unhealthy for my pregnancy but  anyway I guess we all feel the same way too. #MH370 hit very close to home, it's an airline that we are proud of, with our fellow countrymen and women in it.

I am not going to rant about how I am so disgusted with the outside world, trying to poke us with their scandalous and ridiculous accusations. Whatever it is, as a true Malaysian we should not let this happen to us and it is time to defend our nation in any way we can.

I mean, yes, internally we do have some complaints and towards each other especially related to politics and economy, but lets put that aside for the time being and be supportive instead.

It's really the time for us to hold hands now, to continue praying for #MH370, for Malaysia and the SAR mission to finally achieve what they are set for.


19 weeks.

On another note, I am close to completing 5 months of pregnancy.

My tummy however, does not seem to show it very well. I constantly get comments that its small for 19 weeks. I am also puzzled, but because I think it is BIG.

Maybe it is because I still manage to hide it under my normal clothes, its not like I have not grown in size, but I guess most of my normal clothes are loose and spacey ones.

Oh well, I am not complaining. I am happy that so far I am able to not let such comments put me down. Like, whatever :)

My aches has come earlier though. Familiar aches on my pubic bone and lower back emerged since a few weeks back, Dr Idora told me it is normal for them to come by earlier. Sigh.

Other than that and getting tired so easily, I think I am so far well off, Alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow is my next check-up. High chances that the doc will be able to tell the gender. I am all for knowing - I mean, come on already, Mommy needs to decide what colour to buy now. Haha.

Speaking of which, I have not really made any list for shopping yet (is it time now? But what should I buy? We have everything already!)


LisaLisut said…
i guess 2nd pregnancy mmg tummy a bit smaller than 1st. I guess la because when I was carrying no.2(before miscarriage) i sndri pelik tgk perut kecik.tp kecik pn bersebab. i was procrastinating utk check up. then br tau ade problem with the pregnancy huhu.the baby has severe cystic hygroma and doctor advise to abort.huhu. take care ayuni.
Shakina Farhan said…
same goes with me..rasanya sebab baju loose kot..my hubs je yang ckp bigger than 1st pregnancy..org lain semua tak sedar pregnant even da 6months already..
Sheila Salim said…
Assalamualaikum awak. salam perkenalan. sheila singgah sini dan follow. alhamdullilah. jaga diri baik2 ye mommy. sheila masukkan awak dalam bloglist preggymom 2014 sheila. boleh selalu tengok cerita up to date pasal pregnancy kawan2 blogger semua ~~~
Ayuni A. said…
Tq for your comments ladies :) I really appreciate it, altho I suck big time at replying comments (tskkk!)..

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