Happy New Year!

Rise and shine, its 2014!

Oh yeah, and we are back from Krabi. It was a fun and adventurous (and tiring) roadtrip, but in a nutshell it was all worth it.

I did puke rainbows. In my head. Heheh.

The waters was just as how I imagined them to be, the food was divine (I would not mind going there again for a food trip) and the Thai people are always friendly and generous with their smiles.

Its definitely worth a post so yes, I'll be doing it very soon.

So how was your celebration last night?

I have retired from doing midnights since forever, at 11pm I was already snoring in bed. Doesn't mean that I don't welcome 2014 though, I am hugging it right now. LOL.

2013 was a great, great year for me. It was productive - I started studying again, got my dream kitchen, started writing more, some improvements on my personal goals, to name a few. Alhamdulillah.

I hope you will have a great day today, and get started just right with the new year. I pray that 2014 brings all the goodness to all of us, Insya Allah. As for my resolution, I have not actually finalized anything yet, but I think I will say something about it once I have something in mind. In the meantime, I'll just continue making personal progress.

Here is to 2014! *fireworkssss*


puking rainbows, bes experience ever! haha
Happy New Year :) A fantastic year ahead inshaAllah!
Ayuni A. said…
Happy New Year Mama Haraz!! Amin to that!
saisyahk said…
Hi Ayuni,
Happy new year, Can't wait for your Krabi post!!!
eug|ena said…
hi.. i hope u can share your experience going to krabi by road.. especially on entry pass etc


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