Labelling my spice jars

I have been having thoughts to label my kitchen stuff for a while, and only recently I managed to get it started. Repeat, started.

Most of the time, decorating and organizing the house is an on-going process. I tend to do it bit by bit and only when I feel like it. That helps to keep the pressure off I guess, although the downside to that is my to-do list will never come to an end.

Anyway, here is another mini project that I did with the spices jar, some neat labels that looks much uniformed to satisfy the OCD in me (erk!).

But seriously, I love the handwriting fonts that I downloaded from the internet quite some time ago, and the label template that I got from an Today's Mama. 

I managed to put on the spices names on the template and printed it out on an ordinary A4 paper.

I used double-sided tape to paste it on the covers and…


As usual, sometimes I suck at thinking more practically, so I had some trouble when the label keeps peeling up.

And then I realized that I have to keep it off the water on my hands, especially when I am cooking. So I got myself a Mod Podge from Art Friend, The Curve and sealed it off.

Here is the look of a Mod Podge if you have not heard about it – it’s kind of like a sealant/finisher/adhesive and it comes in a variety of finishes (matte/gloss/etc…you can google it to find out more).

Oh and that was a picture from another mini project too (covering up my plain magnetic board with a fancy cloth to perk it up..i’ll post about it next time).

I am only done with spices jars though, I also have plans to label some pantry items later. That's why I said it just got started heheh.

So there, one mini project down, lots more to go!


Chekgu Azrine said…
Nice and more practical..
hana said…
wow! inspired. but too lazy to do it. yuni dtg rumah tlg ajar please. :-p
Fizah said…
hoyeyy...lebih praktikal kan...:))
Ayuni A. said…
Thanks for the comments korang :) Definitely more practical heheh..
Unknown said…
Will definitely find time to do the same for my kitchen stuff too.. Tp bile ye..??

Lets flw me too at

Tq ayuni!
nurin khairi said…
Salam kenal..
Didnt know that mod podge is sold somewhere in msia. Mind sharing me the price of this one?

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