Gearing up for a roadtrip

So here is what is occupying my mind for the past few weeks:

In 2 days we will be going on a roadtrip to the idyllic beaches in Krabi, Thailand.

The idea actually came when I heard of my friend who frequently visits Phuket by road, and it sounded doable and really fun. I knew that hubby always loves the idea of a roadtrip, so poof, next thing we know we were busy planning the roadtrip for real.

The idea of travel to us has always been the discovery. There is something fulfilling about being able to discover new things and cultures, especially in a new place. I know I sound like a National Geographic series, but that's the truth. Last April we even found joy in discovering the town of Malacca. So it does not matter how far we go, its the discovery that matters.

Plus honestly, in my 29 years of life, I have never visited the far northern side of Malaysia (Perlis), so that also gave me more reason to brave the road.

Only one thing - I have a 3 year old in tow.

I had an experience with travelling with Bella on a plane, but, this is a totally a different story. One is that it will take up to 12 hours to reach the destination, and two, a car isn't really a nice place to be stuck in for a long time. But the plus side is that we are more in control of our travelling so yeah despite a little anxiety in me, I think everything will turn out fine, Insha Allah.

Looks like I am making another funbag again for Bella, and maybe I can bring her favorite plush toy too.

After all, isn't this all worth it? *puking rainbows hahaha*

So where are you heading this coming holidays? Tell me!



WAA!! plan to do this as well,
but we yet to get the perfect timing for it.

if u done with it please share your trip.
Ayuni A. said…
Arinee, will try! :) You should do it too someday, Insya Allah!
Krabi is so beautiful :) hope you'll have a blast! going through the paddy fields will be awesome! I really miss it!
We're going on a 12 hr train trip in two days heading to Auckland inshAllah, I'm a little worried as well, fun bag is a must! Haha praying the little toddler will enjoy himself, I'll pray the same for Bella ;)
wakgelas said…
wak pon dh smpi krabi jugakk.,ahHKs
Ayuni A. said…
Mama Haraz : Hope your trip has been fun fun! I think a trip to NZ is due. Teringin jugak nak gi sana :)

Wak Gelas : Best kan?? Hehe..Rasa mcm nak pegi lagi!

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