Just climb the wall

I realize that I have not posted inspiring quotes for a while, and if you are the kind who like it, I apologize for that.

Let's talk about dreams and goals.

Do you have one? Have you ever wondered where you will be in the next 5 years, and what will you achieve? Do you have a certain goal to work towards to? If yes, have you started making your move in order to achieve it?

Like I said, I think a lot. I do have some goals and things that I want to achieve 5 years down the road. But sometimes, I find myself only THINKING about it, without doing anything much.

It is like hitting a high wall that seems so impossible to climb, and then instead of trying to climb it, you pace around with hopes that you find another way out.

At one point I managed to snap out of it. I figured if I really want what I want, then I better start working towards it.

I have finally tried to climb the wall, with all the worst expectations. God always work in mystery, somehow, the climb was not so hard and now I feel a lot more confident to move on.

It does not matter what your goal is, what really matters is the climb.

So go on, climb the wall. You'll never know if you don't try.


Unknown said…
I'm needing a "Hey you, too much doing, not enough resting" hahaha JK I guess some of us are worriers and over-planners, it's hard to start doing without having a fullproof plan kan ;)

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