A little bedtime friend for your child from Philips

I am a fan of lightings, especially in my home. I think it contributes a lot to a space ambiance.

Every night when I go to sleep, it is always preferable to have a night light running. It makes me feel more comfortable and makes me fall asleep easily, compared to being in total darkness (or maybe I am just too afraid of the dark?).

Anyway, when I think about lighting the first thing that came into my mind is Philips. Like seriously, I always relate them to lighting, especially when I buy bulbs. So far it has the best quality.

If you are a fan of Philips lighting, then you probably know that their range of children's room light are quite interesting and oh-so-cute too!

Recently a new addition has been added into their children’s lighting range, and I am honored to get to experience the new product firsthand, the Philips My Buddy.

On 8 September 2013, a bunch of bloggers and I was invited by Philips to a briefing about My Buddy. Held at Ozmosis Spa, Bangsar,it was the perfect place to enjoy the ambiance of My Buddy and its functionalities.

During the briefing, we were introduced to My Buddy and how it helps children with their sleep. The session started with a greeting from Ms Linda Lam, the Senior Marketing Manager of Philips Lighting. Then we were briefed about the functionalities of My Buddy by Mr Philips Teh.

In essence, My Buddy helps children with their sleep routine, as it is able to tell them when is it to sleep (moon indicator) and when to wake up (sun indicator). So for example, when it is time to sleep, My Buddy can be set to display the Moon and it will last until sunrise (set by a timer). Once the sunrise time comes, it will change into the Sun, and when the child sees it they will know that it’s wakey-wakey time!

If the child wakes up in the middle of night, they can pretty much tell whether she should continue to sleep or wake up, based on the moon or sun indication. It also has a reading light that can be turned on and off when tapped on My Buddy’s head – the light is comfortable enough for a cozy bedtime storybook reading.

There was also a little family who came over and gave their testimonial on how My Buddy became their daughter's best buddy.

What I love about it is that it is built for children. It uses LED light so it is energy efficient, and the body is made from child-friendly materials. There is no heat when it is operating, and it’s completely cool to the touch. It is also very light.

On first impression, My Buddy looked very promising. Bella fell in love the minute she saw My Buddy, because it is cute and cuddly too. Hehe.

After the briefing, we were treated with a pampering session (I had a back massage and express facial), which was totally uplifting! It was also great to meet up with old and new blogger friends too!

As the session ended, someone also followed us home……

Welcome the family, our very own My Buddy! :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Philips Lighting for inviting me to the event. Bella was more than happy to have a new friend during bedtime, and it has also been easier for me to remind her about bedtime ever since.

Want to know more on how My Buddy works? Stay tuned for my review on My Buddy, and a little "demonstration" video by the star of this blog, Miss Bella :D


Unknown said…
i love Philips product. Even feeding bottle and breast pump also come from same company.
wish to have this item. look so cute woo..

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