14 days of kiwi with Zespri (and a smoothie recipe too) !

Eating healthily.

What a phrase. What a struggle.

Yeah, I have been struggling with eating healthily like, forever.

I know that it has far more benefits than my normal diet of rice and our wonderful selection of lauk pauk (side dishes). And with Raya month just passed, don’t ask me how much fatty greasy food that I have consumed (I mean how can I resist all those lemang and rendang?)

Ok enough whining.

Now, the least I can do to eat healthily is to increase my fruit intake.

I have been stocking up on fruits lately; I even have a nice fruit basket to help inspire me at the kitchen LOL

So, nowadays I try to start my day with smoothies and eating fruits. By the way, did you know that we should consume fruits first before any other meal, because it gets digested very easily and best not to stay too long in the stomach?

Anyway, I have a selection of favourite fruits. Most of the time I love local fruits – bananas, mangoes, guavas, pineapples, papayas. But the thing is, local fruits are usually timely to prepare, most of them requires peeling and a certain degree of mess. Huhu..

So, as an option, I do indulge in imported fruits too - my usual pick would be berries, apples and kiwi!

Haa..speaking of kiwi, check this out :

Zespri Kiwifruits

Now that’s a lot of kiwis! You must be wondering why in the world do I have so many, but hear ye, I am now in for Zespri’s 14 days Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge!

So what is it actually?

This challenge involves eating kiwis 14 days in a row, and enjoying all the goodness that it brings to our wellbeing.

Thank you Zespri for offering me the opportunity for this brilliant challenge! It just so happened that hubby and I are both big fan of their kiwis too, especially Zespri’s Sungold Kiwifruit (the one with the yellow flesh and less furry skin) – the taste is more “lemak manis” than the green ones ;)

I can get creative with how I eat them, so for starters, let me just share this yummy recipe:

1 kiwi
1/2 cup blueberries (I used frozen ones)
Some greek yoghurt (I used the one with strawberry flavour)
A dash of cinnamon
1/2 cup of milk
Some ice cubes

Toss it all in a blender and puree until it reaches your desired consistency. Enjoy it while it is still cold ;) Good way to eat fruit huh? Hehe..

Now, I am now on my 6th day of Zespri Kiwi goodness, and so far so good! I can already feel how it helps me with my digestion, and most importantly I know that I have enough daily vitamin C dose everyday!

Click here for more information about Zepri’s Kiwi fruits, and learn their amazing benefits to our health too!


Nadine said…
I am not a kiwi fan..sebab try makan mcm tu, erm mcm tak best. heee..tapi blueberry kiwi smoothies tu nmpk tempting. nak try jugakla :)
sounds like fun! Kiwi is so cheap here so we have them everyday hi hi hi sometimes we can get them at 1dollar a kilo, and the green ones are very sweet too, the ones we get dekat Malaysia selalu masam2 sikit kan.

All the best with the challenge and I do hope your healthy eating plan goes on forever :)
Ayuni A. said…
Nadine, perhaps you should try the smoothie then :) sedap!

Mama Haraz, untunglah u! Enjoy the kiwis while you can. Yes here the green ones are slightly masam sometimes. Thanks for the well wishes too haha.

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