Why cleaning up the home is so much safer with Method

Sometimes, cleaning up is liberating. A home that has just been cleaned feels a lot "lighter"and it feels good to live in it.

There is this kind of satisfying feeling to see a nicely polished tiles in the kitchen or on the counter top. It looks good, it smells good and its hygienic.

As much as having a clean home is favorable to us, sometimes, it is not an easy thing to do. Especially when we do not have enough time and energy. So the next best things is to have something that works wonders - a multipurpose cleaner that can clean pretty much any stain, a wash detergent that just requires a little amount to thoroughly clean a laundry load or concentrated foamy dishwash liquid that easily removes oil from our dishes.

But the thing is, the stronger these cleaning products become, the more chemicals it uses. Little that we realized that these chemicals are not always safe for us. Of course it comes in little doses, but when we use it most of the time, we cannot ignore the fact that it is indeed harmful.

That is why more and more people are becoming conscious about this, and as an alternative, some of us prefers organic and biodegradable products - for the sake of our wellbeing and also for our beloved planet Earth.

I was not those kind of people. Really. I admit I was carefree when it comes to these kind of things.

But not only of late. These days, I am slowly realizing the benefits and importance of using or consuming natural products, and living more sustainably.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Method Malaysia to a blogger tea party, Mad about Method . Well of course it is an avenue for them to promote their products but it sounds like fun, and I was also curious about them, and what do they have to sell their products differently to me as a consumer.

So I went.

And boy it was mad all right! Heheh...

Getting to know Method's product line is just at the nick of time - apparently they are a sustainable brand - non-toxic, naturally derived, biodegradable and most importantly, it cleans just like any other non-natural products out there. Not to mention that their fragrances smells so gooood, and it is all natural.

Method also lists down all of its ingredients on their packaging, which is very helpful when you want to know what you are buying.

Interesting huh?

Take a look at their range of products. Suckers for packaging (like me) will also instantly fall in love with these coz they look so awesommmmee :

During the event, we had the opportunity to try all their products ourselves, and win some too. My personal favorites would be their handwashing liquid, French Lavender and Squirt and Mop Cucumber. I also love their Glass and Surface cleaner too, particularly because all the glass cleaners that I come across so far stings my nose (ammonia) and theirs don't! (it smells of Mint)

With Julia from Method, Nadiah and my very pregnant friend Amira from Ta Raa Baby and Toddlers Collection

Met other bloggers too - Nadine from Live Life Completely and Nadiah from Fabulous Motherhood

Yours truly


Besides that, Method also took an extra mile to invite a speaker to share some tips about living sustainably. I really enjoyed the presentation as I have learned a thing or two from there.

After a round of sumptuous desserts, we left the party with a bag of goodies plus the ones I win, and look at my catch! Thehehe... I am smiling as I am writing this haha..

I won some of this!
Ah, my permanent prop has to inter frame :P
If you are interested in Method products too,don't forget to like them at their Facebook page to discover more :

Method products are available at most major grocery stores like Tesco, Jaya Grocer and  Aeon Big. They are also available online at their Malaysia store below:

Have you used Method products before? Which one is your favorite and why?


lina said…
Tak sempat berkenalan dengan uols hari tu.

Lina saying hi. *wave wave* ^^

Laundry detergent dia best tak?
Ayuni A. said…
@lina : Eh you ada juga ye masa event? Ala tu lah, I pun sibuk duk main game hihi.. Laundry detergent dia best, guna ikut sukatan dia, n skali dgn softener - mmg wangii n tahan lama bau dia :)

@tengkubutang: tq singgah ke mari :)

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