Free Printable Toddler Reward Chart for you!

A few weeks ago I have blogged about creating a reward chart for Bella, and I remember mentioning that I wanted to make a template of my own.

Actually this was ready since a week ago, but due to my print settings and whatnot I just could not manage to convert it into a PDF. Today, hubby helped me do it, and I am excited to share it with you my dear readers!

This is how Bella's reward chart looks like. I have printed it and it is ready for use hehehe...

So, as promised here is a freebie printable reward chart for you to make use of. Well it's very simple really, but I hope it helps if you happen to have the same goals for your toddlers too!

I have set it as an A3 size, but you can print it on an A4 paper anytime. Just put in your child's name in the blank spaces, and get creative with the stars (you can use stickers or felt). The pictures of ice cream, chocolate and blocks represents the rewards. The boxes represents 7 days (ideally the child should achieve one star a day).

Have fun and good luck! :)


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