Building self-esteem in our little girl.

Hello dear readers.

I am back, well it’s not like I went somewhere far or anything.

How is everyone doing? If you are a reader from Malaysia then perhaps some of you still have the General Elections fever, or maybe some are already over it.

For me, I have to admit that I am still recovering.

It has been a very intense GE this year, and in the era of information, Malaysians now seems to be very much involved.

That is a good sign.

Almost 85% of registered voters went out to vote this time around (the highest stats by far), and to me it is not really fair to say that democracy has died. Despite the rampant issue about a dirty election and whatnots, let’s not forget that Malaysian voices are more heard now and they know how to translate it into votes.

Anyway, I do not mean to talk about politics here. Had enough of it in Facebook and it’s about time for me to take a break.
So, here is a latest photo of Bella, the real star of this blog. Hehe.

She is officially 30 months now, and this little girl has come a long way.

Potty training has been successful in the “shi shi” department, last week she made her first potty and that made us very very happy! :D

However, we still need to work on the “poo poo” department, but at this rate, there is no rush.

Bella is now able to construct simple sentences, mostly with 3 words. As usual she is still full of surprises and that continues to be our amusement.

She literally picks up every word that she hears so this time we should be more careful with our conversation. Huhu… (I have a bad habit of moderate swearing which is a big NO!)

Although she is yet to understand the concept of reward, I think she has begun to appreciate the gesture. So at this point, I think it is crucial to shower her with loads of encouragements and compliments especially when she achieves something.

In one of Prof Dr Muhaya’s talks, I recall her saying that the age of 0-6 is the crucial time to build our children’s confidence. So by praising and rewarding achievements, we are building a strong self-esteem in them. Self-esteem is very important to build a positive human personality.

So I am thinking of applying this reward chart system:

I am inspired by blogger Mommynadia of Fabulous Motherhood about this. I admire how she goes an extra mile when it comes to early education for her children, even though she is a full time working mom. Lots of things to learn from her definitely!

I am planning to make a template of my own, so if I do, I’ll share it with you :)

If you are planning to build one too, here are some useful links to get started:

Aah, talking about Bella all grown up makes me feel like having a baby again. I miss it so much, perhaps I should start reconsidering hehehe.

How about you? Do you have a reward system for your children? If yes, how do you do it?


ishamizu said…
Salam dear,

Comel Bella! Good job to her on potty-training! ;)

Nway, i use sticker reward system to my kids. Since kt school sini pon sama guna sticker as a reward n it works. Cuma kopak beli sticker je la n lack of space to stick the stickers already hihi..
Really hope you're back, miss your updates :)

Bella looks chubby and so cute!

We do lots of kisses and hugs, Haraz does not get the idea of stickers yet hi hi hi
Unknown said…
Bella looks soo cute!!

All the best dear on the chart. Bella will love it!

Yup, i adore mommy nadia too. she's a friend of mine and she does really put effort in early education. kagum2!!

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