How we enjoyed our staycation in Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur!

NOTE : This is going to be a long entry. But if you are willing to read to the end, there is an opportunity for you to win a stay at any Parkroyal Hotel of your choice. So hang in there!

Earlier in January I have blogged about our little experience, fancily named as a “staycation” at one of our favourite hotel , Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur. I am also humbled to be featured at Parkroyal's official Facebook page  as the local connection from Kuala Lumpur. Check it out here! :

Parkroyal KL was also the place where my hubby and I celebrated the event we became husband and wive, and it was an unforgettable and memorable experience. We totally loved the place, the people and the ambience. It was just perfect.

It’s really our rezeki that we get to opportunity to enjoy Parkroyal KL again, never thought that we will be checking in again since we live practically live in Selangor now. But to be honest, I think eventhough you are a residence of Selangor/KL, a short getaway in the heart of KL is fun too, just like any other short vacations.

Let me take you through our lovely experience, and by the time you finish reading this post, well maybe Parkroyal KL will tickle your fancy too, or at least you will think that having a short getaway in KL is not a bad idea at all!

After checking in we enjoyed this warm welcome, with a view from our Deluxe King room, Level 19 of Parkroyal KL. The view that we had was amazing! A perfect view of the second highest building in Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower , which looks majestic during the day and glows during the night. I woke up the next morning looking at clear blue skies, and KL tower right smack on my face, like its a painting in our bedroom wall. Haha.
And this was our room. Totally loved it!

For lunch we got to enjoy one of the best High Tea experience we ever had, in Chatz Brasserie. Well this is the main thing we were looking forward to actually. Back when we had the reception, we also loved the High Tea.The variety of local food selections, from steamboats to longan juice, is what makes this high tea unique; their local connection elements.

For a moment we thought that we were in a kopitiam! Chatz Brasserie offers a live demonstration of making Teh Tarik and serving it in the famous kopitiam cup and saucer. Besides The Tarik they also have selection of local coffees from many states of Malaysia. Brilliant eh? Something different from a typical hotel I shall say. A very good way to attract tourists (which was working because there were lots of them).

The location of the swimming pool cannot be more strategic than this! While having a splendid time swimming with Bella in the afternoon, we enjoyed a magnificent view of KL city. Its kinda like an oasis, you know, amidst a busy city we still get to relax and have fun.

At night we took a walk along the famous Bintang Walk. Haaaa..that was actually my first time! Haha. So much of living near KL. 

Bintang Walk, Kuala Lumpur’s must-go places especially for shopaholics! Alongside a busy road, pedestrians walk jovially while enjoying music from the open bars and restaurants, as well as the street performances like human mannequins and even live snakes! Reminds me of Amsterdam a bit, minus the warmer weather over here. Hehe. 

I just love this street. And Sephora. Haha.

Live snakes, there were like 4-5 of them! Yikes! (of course the owner is around lah..heheh)

Two glittery man.

Then we had dinner at Naab, a rustic Persian restaurant. This place is located along Bintang Walk, together with a number of “Arabian Nights” restaurants of sorts. This restaurant offers delicious Persian food, with exquisite saffron seasoned rice and succulent meat dishes.

We had Hummus and Pita as appetizers, and then followed by Sultani Kebab with Saffron Rice. The Sultani Kebab is a combination of Lamb Koobideh, barbequed marinated minced lamb and Beef Barg, barbequed marinated beef chunk.  We also had a uniquely flavoured Traditional Iranian Tea, served in a rustic teapot. The verdict : Yum, sedapppppp! Totally a fan!

If you are in Parkroyal KL, a visit to its luxurious award-winning St Gregory Spa is a must! I am grateful that I had time to pamper myself here (thank you hubby for taking care of Bella for a while hehehe), and my treatment was named Aromatic Body Bliss massage, and Moisture Quenching Facial with Thalgo products. It was 3 hours of total rejuvenation! I specifically loved the massage technique, its a little different from the ones I usually had.

I would say that the KL Monorail is the best way to enjoy the scenery of Kuala Lumpur. Since its routes are mainly within the city, we took the monorail and LRT to KLCC and enjoyed the ride with an interesting glimpse into the heart of the city. Now, I can’t remember the last time I took the monorail or LRT, so does hubby. So that was a new experience all over again haha! We even took the wrong route! That adds to the adventure (end of the day we were sooo tired I tell you!). Bella of course, was so excited she waited until the train closed its door and left the station. LOL.

Since we were heading to KLCC we took time to finally visit Aquaria! Yeay!. If there is one thing that I can say about Aquaria, it’s remarkable! Bella had so much fun getting to know so many species of fish and aquatic life, in the fresh water and salt water. Aquaria has a vast collection of aquatic animals including a few bull sharks and manta rays! All of these animals are well taken care of, in a setup that almost perfectly resembles their natural habitat. And the tank tunnel, super awesome!

Checking out the smiley face. LOL.

I told Bella that was Mr Grouper from Bubble Guppies (if you watch Nick Jr, heheh).

Aahhhh...what a lovely staycation! I still get excited as I am writing this post or telling this story to someone.Never thought that a short and near getaway turns out to be one of  our most memorable “vacation”. Really treasure it.

OK just some more photos of the hotel:

If you are coming to Kuala Lumpur and you are from out of the country (or even if you are not from KL for that matter), I would definitely recommend this place if you want to stay within the heart of KL, mostly because it is in a strategic location (the Golden Triangle of KL). 

Moreover everything you need is within a walking distance, from public transportation to all kinds of shopping. Not to mention food. Food is abundant around the vicinity. And when it comes to food, Malaysia never fails you. Just mention what you want, chances are high that you will find it just around the corner!

Thank you very much for the opportunity, Parkroyal KL! You have for sure made it to our hall of fame. LOL.

Ahhh now, as usual, I do not forget you my lovely readers. Here is a chance for you to experience Parkroyal Hotel on your own, and perhaps with your family!

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Good luck to you, and I hope that at least one of my readers will win. Aminnn :)


Agreed! having vacations in KL seem to be our tradition this year. Four times now this year hi hi hi no flights or long drives and we actually get to discover KL :)

Glad to hear from you, must be very busy huh ;)
ishamizu said…
Wow, bestnya! Lucky you, dear! :)

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