Smart moms are better than super moms.

 How many times in your daily life that when you are about to settle down for the day, you noticed there is a clump of hair around the corner of your bedroom floor?

And then when you bend down to gather it and toss it away, you just could not help but notice that there are actually a lot of hair and dust on the floor, and as you scan your eyes around you also notice that in the living room outside, there's more?

Then you find yourself thinking, should I start cleaning it all up OR leave it be? For just another night. Or at least until the weekend comes.

And in making that decision you struggle not to think of other nook and crannies around the house that also needs maintenance, like the kitchen floor or perhaps the toilet downstairs. Or the pile of laundries waiting to be folded in the next room.

This is a norm for me. All the time.

When I was a bachelor I would have probably started cleaning up, just to get a good night's sleep. And it feels good when you know that you can deal with the mess straightaway.

But ever since I became a mom, one of the biggest thing I have learned is to just let it all go.

Although there are days that I couldn't control myself. I know I was tired, and there are other more important things than cleaning up, like having to bath Bella or make her some dinner. Or simply have a good night's rest. Well if that happens, I'll try to quickly snap out of it, and take a deep breath.

See, the point is I am not saying that it is OK to leave the house in a mess. But certainly, it is OK if we decide to clean it up later, or just leave it be until we finally find a proper time to tackle it. The key here is to organize and prioritize, which I think is very important in managing a home and a family.

There is always a way to manage the home, we just have to learn to find the way that works for the family.

As for me, my cleaning always happen in the weekend. Especially heavy ones like vacuuming or laundry. I do toilets once a week when I am in the shower (talk about multitasking haha).

Trying to become a super mom is tiring, but trying to become a smart mom pays off.

So how do you manage your home? Do you have a schedule or you get someone else to do it for you?  What works for you?


Unknown said…
i do lots of google on how people manage their house chore and spending time with family especially after my family become bigger (With 2 kids actually). At the first place i leave all the laundry and cleaning during weekend only but i found out that i don'y have enough time to play with my kids and my weekend become so stressful because i need to finish up all task before monday. And now i make a simple schedule. Meaning 1 day 1 task. Clean toilet, laundry, clear pantry etc. So i found out my weekend more relax. Actually doing 1 job everyday not so stressful. Happy sharing..
LisaLisut said…
Nice post ;) agree with you. Wpun i br ada 1 baby but sometimes i whine dlm hati ckp letih xsempat buat itu ini but after i compose relax n calm, think which one nk buat dlu then br rs happy. Like u said kene prioritize n organize hehe
Ayuni A. said…
Mama Lynd, one task a day actually sounds good :) thanks for the tip!

Lisa, tulah kita ni baru satu anak dah tak menang tangan. Memang kagum dgn mommies yg boleh manage, so i hope ramai yg share tips here hehehe
Anonymous said…
I LOL at your multitasking in the shower..coz man! i do exactly that too,mana sempat cuci/scrub it .

i do not have a schedule,that'll be too rigid and stressful for my household.but we have a routine for the kids.gotta start them young ;)tapi just a simple task - dirty clothes into the laundry bin,shoes as the shoerack,plates + bottles off to the sink when done & so on. eventho skit but that helped alot!

and you're right,sometimes i just gotta let it go whenver my body is too tired to handle it..telling myself there is tmrw to tackle that load of laundry/mop the floor/wash the dishes (i used to be so annoyed w unwashed dishes b4 going to must always always b clean) but at times, your body is just too tired and once i get cranky..everyone will 'kena' frm me and i hate when that happen.

so get a good rest and tackle the housechores in a better mood. :)

I have a fridge magnet that says "Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?" now thats a good saying init?!

mommyNadia said…
Totally agreed with u!
So I think I can consider myself at smart mom too..wee!!

I used to be a perfectionist person when I was single, yet bila ada hubby n anak2, if we still yet to maintain being so perfectionist for all of the things, mmg stress out sorang2 lah jawabnye. So I tend to let go things that does not give big impact to me and my family. Such, for time being, I didnot put any extra effort to deco my house with nice and beautiful interior, just enuff with basics things and cleaning up during weekend. At least kemas di mata cukup. Once budak2 dah besar baru focus on this thing. My focus now more on children growth, in fact skrang I took 6 months leave from weekdays cooking *hahaha being a lazy me but yet with hubby's approved =)* just to focus on night activity with my kids. Being a working mom, its hard to do everything our own kan.

Multitasking & organizing is one of the good thing, yet doing housechore berjemaah dengan hubby pun boleh ringankan beban. Mengerat silaturrahim jugak! Hihihihi

Nice write up dear *I mean smart mom*


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