3 reasons why I never lose weight.

I have been having a lifetime love-hate relationship with my body image, to be honest. The last time I was really happy with my weight and my body shape was a gazzilion years ago.

Just like a typical mother, I have baby weight clinging around me eversince I gave birth.

And it is not cool. At all.

Although at one point I learnt to just let it go, apparently it is not easy. Especially when the fact is you should be able to lose those weights, it just takes some guts and determination to do it.

So here I am, on a diet again just to shed the remaining 5 kilos into my pre-pregnancy weight (at least). I am not going to be unrealistic about achieving my teenage, sports girl weight, please don't ask about it. Haha.

Just so you know, I am on a low-carb and low-sugar diet. And let me tell you, it's freakin' CHALLENGING!

See when you go into this kind of diet, you realize that 80% of what you eat everyday consists of carbs and the freaking SUGAR. Even chilli sauce contains sugar, what lah. Tskk...

And in case you did not know, excess SUGAR turns into FAT.

If you keep on feeding yourself with these sugar, the body will process those immediate fuel to produce energy and the remainder will be kept in the body as a "reserve" known as FAT. In a nutshell, a low-sugar and low-carb diet tells the body to use up these reserve, hence the weightloss.

In theory it sounds simple. But making it happen is again, darn challenging.

So anyway in retrospect I have been thinking to myself why do I not shed kilos and keep on gaining so easily. And I have come up with these:

1) I tend to finish up unfinished food - but because I hate to waste, really!
2) I have sweet tooth. I LOVE rice. And I think I love it because of the sugar and my body craves it.
3) I don't eat big portions everytime. But I eat and snack on the wrong things and at the wrong time.

Big problem huh? I know.

Dieting is so not me. I love food. I enjoy food. But then came a time when I realized that yes I can do that, but I should eat more responsibly. For my body and my health's sake.

Don't ask me how much have I lost so far. It's just have been 3 weeks which feels like 3 years! I am an impatient person, and another problem is that I can't stand waiting. But I know this time I HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So how do you manage your weight? Are you like me, or are you one of those lucky woman who just never gain weight? (a bit of envy there, heheh). Anyway, tell me! :)


DoodleDesign said…
Breastfeeding makes me eat...and eat..and eat...sigh*
Have fun (and gud luck with) dieting :)
I can't.
Unknown said…
don't diet. just eat what u feel like eating but with the right portion which includes carb, protein n vege of diff colours. snacking is ok but change it to nuts n fuits.dieting doesn't work for me. but excercise and my lack of interest in junk food helps a lot in keeping my weight check! :)

Unknown said…
yuni, i went to turkey for 1 week and lost weight. I think that's the easiest 2kg off from my body, ever. Come to think of it, I think it's the Mediterranean diet. lots and lots of salad to start off meal, then protein (mostly grilled or casserole, no santan, fried whatnot..), and some bread. by the time eating the carbs, full already from salad and protein. then the most important was lots of walking. pushing the stroller, and when "lucky", carrying Husna (she's 13kg btw) around. Could have lost more if it wasnt for my love for the cheese. hehe.
Qistin Fadzin said…
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Qistin Fadzin said…
Just exactly what I was thinking this morning... How to shed those pounds despite my love for food?! It's just that mere 5kg... and too bad I didn't feel fat but my outfits are telling me otherwise. In denial is more like it :(
Arya Stark said…
Ayuni! I feel you. Alhamdulillah I've managed to lose every last bit of my pregnancy weight n now striving to lose more. Like u, I have a sweet tooth and its not easy to just say bye2 to all those sweet things, but I just take everything in moderation these days. Every time I take a normal meal (my breakfast n dinner usually I take herbalife shakes), i take a mickey mouse meal. 25% carb (brown/red rice/noodle/pasta/bread) 25% protein (lean meat/seafood/tofu/soy based food) and the remaining 50% fiber and vitamins rich (veggies n fruits). drink lots of water (with lemon) to curb sweet cravings. helps everytime and exercise. good luck Ayuni! u can do this!!! i know u can!!!
haha. I feel you too Kak Ayuni. After giving birth I think I dont loose that much of weight. Gaining weight for 10 long months, I can't expect to loose all those weight in a month kan? :)
A low carb meal willl be a good start. Cut down on the rice and sugar! anddd exercise too! It helps faster!
Goodluck kak Ayuni! Let loose weight together. hehe
I hate dieting!!! Hahaha
I love cakes and ice-creams and all the sugary fatty foods in the world and being the lucky person that I am, all that I eat gets absorbed into my body hahaha
So I guess we're in the same boat, the low carb diet makes me cry because the whole world seems to be against me.

A little at a time they say. Just picture that old you :)
Ayuni A. said…
Oh thanks very much for the advice and encouragement everyone! :) I feel a lot better now, although it still sucks haha.

Anyway I'll try my best. And yeah exercise is important in any diet programme actually, so I have to get it consistent. Insya Allah.

Tq tq again! :))
Diyanazman said…
salam tuan rumah.. nice entry here... at this age i dah pasrah with my weight. although my problem is well i am underweight but i just dont care anymore. i am trying to love myself seadanya.. huwaaa cam sedih lak..
Unknown said…

err.. maybe u tak perasan, tp kat insta i mstwra

well, i am now trying to lose another 5kg babyweight (baby lagi ke bdk dah 3 thn? huwaaa)

try calorie counts.. am doing the same now too :)
Unknown said…
Assalamualaikum, very good entry to read. Thanks for your sharing. Yup, me too not really good in diet. But alhamdulillah, after a few months of giving birth, I manage to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. And alhamdulillah it's already a year plus but still can maintain it :) What I do is, I eat whatever I want to eat, but in a small portion. Perhaps my favorite corset Premium Beautiful helps me a lot :) & yes, I don't prefer to eat junk food & carbonated drink much. Anyway, good luck to you in your mission ;)

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