Making weekends fun for Bella!

Ah, its the weekend again.

As much as I do love weekends and spending time with Bella, I have to admit one thing.

I am a loser when it comes to entertaining Bella in the weekends.

Poor baby. Mommy is so clueless when it comes to making creative stuff for toddlers to play. Although there are a lot of things that I could come up with, I ended up not doing any. Most of the time we just played with whatever toys that we already have in the playroom.

I blame myself for thinking too much. Perhaps the thoughts of having to clean up when she is done makes me subconsciously avoid messy things. When in fact, those messy play things are usually the most fun and educational, you know, things like water play and water coloring.

Besides that I think I may have underestimated the skills of a 2 year old. Like for example when I come across some interesting activity like making a collage, I thought that a 2 year old may not be able to appreciate it yet. But then when I sit down and really think of it, I thought to myself "Who am I kidding?". Of course Bella can play with things like that, she probably have done it in school!

What a hopeless mom. Tskk....

So I think I am going to change this. I can't let this go on. This weekend I MUST do something for her.

As usual having Google and Pinterest as my best friends, here are the things that I plan to do with Bella this weekend :

1) Water play (or a soapy water play) with cups, funnels, spray bottles and whatever things that I can find at home (oh she is going to love this!)

2) Make a sheep collage with paper bits and cotton balls. I found this amazing guide on how to draw cartoon animals from Pinterest!

3) Make a threading game with ribbons and paper rings.


We are going to have loads of fun :) I am excited already. Haha.

So how about you? What kind of things do you do to entertain your toddlers at home? I need suggestions! :)


Farah said…
sheep collage with cotton balls? sounds so much fun!!!! wonder how it would turn out to look like :))))) bella is soooo pretty :)
ryyhan said…
Samala xbuat sgt aktiviti ngan anak ( maybe one of the reason sbb yg kecik tu suka menyelit...payah plak nk entertain 2 org with diff stage skill)

But since no 2 pun dh 20 months..rasa dh blhla start with simple things...painting, drawing, water colouring, those paper activities kot.. Nk g survey art supplies.

In btwn kita dh tukar blog addres ^_^
Ayuni A. said…
Hi Farah! Awww thanks dear. Bella is cheeky like that most of the time haha. Turned out Bella tak minat sgt cotton balls tu, tp suka main gam. LOL

Hi Ryyhan, thanks for dropping by :) Tula I pun baru realize kena buat benda2 ni sebab kesian tgk Bella bosan kat rumah. Takpe, start small dulu hehe. Will link you in a bit :)
ishamizu said…
Same here, i'm not creative to do fun things with my kids..always pening fikir nak buat activity apa so they end up watching tv most of the time..mcm dah addicted to tv plak huhu..
cikgunurulizza said…
A sheep colage with cotton balls souns so to.try..heheh

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