Featured in The Star today!

Alhamdulillah, Praises to Allah.

I am honoured to be featured in The Star 2 pull-out today. The topic was about making family plans and focusing on the important things around the home. I am glad that I am able to share my thoughts about keeping things organized and setting priorities with a larger audience, and I hope the stories from the featured mommies and I inspire many people.

The full article was also published online at Parenthots.Com, a dedicated parenting site from The Star.

That is me writing in my 2013 Home Binder (and of course little Bella making herself busy) – in a nutshell it is a binder that contains all the important information you need in the home, so that when the time comes, it is easy to be found. I also bind my monthly goals in there for easy reference. Ah well I think a post about this binder is due now!

Did not know that Mama Haraz was also featured in the article, congratulations to you too!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family and friends who has been very supportive about me and this blog, and of course you too, my beloved readers! And also very much thank you to Lee Mei Li, the sweet journalist from The Star 2 who interviewed me and wrote the article, for this amazing experience and opportunity!


Qistin Fadzin said…
bravo! bunch of great tips you have in there, ayuni! simply moving! ;)
ReeneeRaaid said…
Congrats Yunie :)
PixiePwincess said…
Wow celebrityyyy
Sweet surprise huh? :)

I don't think our family fit very well into the article hi hi hi but you do! and your planning looks super neat! :D

ishamizu said…
Congratulations to you and MamaHaraz! :)
mommyNadia said…
Congrats again babe!!Proud of u =)
Puan Hazel said…
Salam kenal sis. I knew about ur blog after reading that article.. hope u would share more tips & guides on parenting..
Unknown said…
Congratulations! Keep it up. I've never done what you've done. No wonder I kelam kabut sokmo hehe
Ayuni A. said…
TQ everyonee!! You are a bunch of amazing schmazing readers :))

Puan Hazel, terima kasih sudi melawat blog saya. Insya Allah saya akan cuba teruskan :)

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