Malaysia Social Media Week 2013

I am attending this interesting conference happening this week, named Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 - World Bloggers and Social Media Summit.

Have you ever heard of it?

Apparently this has became an annual thing since 2010, organized by the Malaysian Social Media Chambers.

This year I am lucky to be able to attend this event as a delegate from my company. And of course, this is also a very good exposure for a blogger like me.

In a nutshell MSMW 2013 has a number of talks and workshops by esteemed social media strategists, successful bloggers and social media practitioners around the world. Various topics are being talked about, especially on leveraging the power of social media for businesses and brands (yes, if you are serious about blogging then you should also treat your blog as a brand/business).

Today is my first day in the conference, and it has been insightful.

And on a more entertaining note, I was also starstrucked by YB Khairy Jamaluddin (he was one of the speakers today). Haha. He is so tall and chic. OKlah, handsome. LOL.

Tomorrow's the second day of the summit, can't wait to learn more!


Bro Framestone said…
Seronok dia bergambar dengan KJ he..23x
Ayuni A. said…
hihi tulah. hensem :P

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