Decorating my laundry room

I had a long weekend the past Chinese New Year’s holidays (apart from the public holiday I also had to take another day leave because Bella’s school was still closed).

So, when I have ample time, I decorate.

It seems to be another favorite pastime lately, especially with the new home which I have been treating like a blank canvas (hubby would agree to this statement, thehehe).

This time it was the laundry room.

Anything is welcomed to make my laundry room look pretty, just so that I am happy doing the most “fun” chore at home. So with a little typography, a printer and a paper cutter, I designed and made a postcard size wall art for my laundry room wall.

And then I mounted it next to a cute little printed canvas wall art that I bought from Kaison, Paradigm Mall for RM5.90 (I went a little cuckoo in there!).

Loving every bit of it, I even took a peek on the wall before I went to bed that night. You know, just to indulge in some self-satisfaction. LOL.

But really, prettifying the laundry room makes me feel happier to do laundry. It’s a chore that is no way I can avoid, so the only way is to make it fun and give the place a little ambiance.

Those photos were snapped with my Iphone, so I felt like it won’t do much justice if I snapped the whole room with it. I shall do some photography lovin’ with my camera this weekend, and then I’ll post up some more photos about it OK?

Stay tuned!

How about you? Do you have any tips to make laundry more fun? Or you actually love doing laundry? Share with me! :)


ishamizu said…
Wah bestnya ada laundry room..tak sabar nak tengok the outcomes. :)
Huda@Hood said…
bestnya ada rumah sendiri boleh deko macam-macam.

Saya kalau pergi tempat deko-deko ni boleh hilang arah.

Tiba-tiba je hilang tinggalkan husband and kids! Haha.
Nad Cantek said…
wah yuni,so cute!
nanti nak g blajar ngan yuni boleh buat2 deco ni.hihi

Puan Hazel said…
i'm actually love doing laundry, from a-z..:) btw, ur deco is so lovely.. and i luv the wall color.. what's is the color dear?
Ayuni A. said…
Aww thank you for the compliments everyone. Huda, saya sgt faham keadaan awak tu hahaha...memang mcm budak kecik masuk candy shop or something.

Hazel..we have the same taste :) but i dont really like laundry hihihi..the colour name for the paint is Softly Lit, Nippon Paint :)

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