Mommy Confessionals 1st GIVEAWAY!

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It’s the new year, and what other fantastic way to start it, other than a GIVEAWAY!!!

As promised earlier, this is the inaugural giveaway that I will be hosting in Mommy Confessionals, and this time around I would like to thank MY MEMORIES for giving me the honour of hosting and giving away their amazing product.

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Before I go on,  please let me get you acquainted with how awesome their products are, from my own hands-on experience (please read on, the giveaway details is at the end of this post, hehe).

My Memories  has this incredible, award winning scrapbooking software named My Memories Suite (now version 4).  Although it is meant mainly for digital scrapbooking, wonders can be done with this software, including photobooks, calendars, cards, Iphone/Laptop skin designs and even printable projects! (Very useful for an organized freak like me :P).

All you have to do is let your CREATIVE JUICES FLOW and My Memories suite will help you realize it.

The most important thing is that this software is so EASY to use, and as those savvy technical words put it, the interface is very INTUITIVE .  After installing and browsing through the functions for less than an hour, next thing I knew I was already designing my very first family calendar! *excited*

You see I am an Instagram buff and most of my treasured photos these days are in IG. So what I did was I exported them into my PC, and I designed my family calendar using my favorite shots of little Bella like this! Psssst....there is a calendar template, so don’t worry about having to number those days and whatnots! They have loads of templates to make use of!

Best of all, when I am done with it, I have the option to export it into PDF (and other major formats too) which means I can get it professionally printed. Of course, I can always print it on my own printer as well. 
Aah, and besides creating printable projects, there are also options to create interactive projects (add on musics, video, etc). Brilliant if you are thinking of designing your own e-card!

In a nutshell, MAJOR love for this software are because it is:

Easy to use
All functions are straightforward and easy to understand. And because of this it takes a lot quicker to design a simple publication for the home, like a file cover or labels. I can now forget those complicated steps I need to take for making simple stuffs using professional graphic design softwares! 

Its basically a simplified, creative tool for any printable/interactive home publication needs!


Besides the software, My Memories also offers a wide selection of scrapbooking kits and photobooks template in their website. There are loads of designs to choose from, and from many designers too. So, you have the option of browsing by theme or by designer. There are also seasonal kits, perfect if you are doing seasonal publications.

Now, here is a little something special for you:

If you happen to be interested in My Memories products, and you feel like getting something from the store, you are now entitled to a :

$10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software
$10 gift certificate to use at the store

All you have to do is key in this coupon code upon your checkout:


Need inspirations? Explore My Memories via these social networks for more selection of tutorials and ideas from creative people in the circle too!
My Memories Blog
My Memories Facebook
My Memories Twitter
My Memories You Tube

OK now comes the another FUN part........*drumroll please*


Think that My Memories Suite v4 is awesome, and want to have one FOR FREE? Here is your chance!
I have one unit of MY MEMORIES SUITE V4 to giveaway to one of YOU (yes, YOU!).

Here is how to participate:
1)      Create one post in your own blog/tumblr/instagram/FB/Twitter (anywhere really!) about this giveaway, and make sure you have these in your post:
a.       A link to this entry (copy the permalink of this post and link it from your post)
b.      Visit My Memories website, browse around and tell me which DESIGNER that you love most and why.
2)      Come back to this post and LEAVE A COMMENT with these details:
a.       Your name/nickname
b.      Your email address (this is important for me to get in touch with you if you win!)
c.       The permalink/link to your post that you have made (so that I can get the honour of visiting your page too, I would love that!)

That’s all. Easy peasy eh?
Now before you start getting jiggy with it, these are some teeny weeny rules on this giveaway. Because we all want a fair game don’t we? :)

Giveaway Rules:
1)      This giveaway is open to all my lovely readers, local (Malaysia) and international.
2)      I have a tendency of being  too kind and I am pretty sure that I will have a hard time selecting who wins, so to be fair, i will let RANDOM GENERATOR do it’s job. In other words, the winner is simply LUCKY!
3)      Please MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE ME YOUR CONTACT DETAILS (that is your email address). If the lucky winner turns out to be unreachable, I will do another round of random selection.

OK. Ready now?

This giveaway will start now on 7th Jan 2013 and will officially close on

21st January 2013, 11.59pm (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur time)

Official results will be announced 7 days later.

Good luck and may luck be ever in your favor! Thehehe!


Claudio Timber said…
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su'e said…
yuni, nak try luck :D

Name - Suhana Suarni
Email Address -
Link -
su'e said…
yuni, one more :P

Name - Suhana Suarni
Email Address -
Link -
su'e said…
Name - Suhana Suarni
Email Address -
Link -

and the link
Ayuni A. said…
Thank you for participating, Sue and Mama Haraz :) Really appreciate it. May luck be with you hehe

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