Are you ready for Makkah?

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At this age I have to say that most of the people in  my circle have started to make plans for Hajj (pilgrimage) or Umrah (visit) in Makkah. It's a good thing that nowadays the means for these ibadah are more varied and flexible, with affordable packages and abundant information.

I have to admit that I envy my friends who has made it to Makkah for their Umrah, and deep down inside I know that I should start making plans for my turn too. People say that when you start to make your niat and put your heart into it, Insya Allah, He will make the path easy for you. I have always believed in that.

Anyway, I had the chance to chat with a fellow colleague (who also happens to be my ex-boss) who just came back from her Hajj last year. And being a person who is just as passionate, she has a lot of stories and advises to offer.

In our conversation we were talking about this particular thing that is commonly associated with going to Makkah :  

That one is not ready because one does not feel that they are good enough to visit the holy land. Some kind of thought of being "Belum cukup ilmu" and being afraid that we are not capable/pious/strong enough to handle the possible trials and tribulations that will come our way during that pilgrimage or visit.

Interestingly, my colleague had a different way of perceiving that. She admitted that before she started preparing herself for Hajj she also had that kind of mindset, but apparently she has learned some few important lessons.

In thinking that way we are actually prejudiced to Allah, by feeling incapable, by feeling not good enough to a point that we think that we are not yet welcomed in His holy land. We forgot that Everything comes from Him. So, instead of asking guidance and wisdom from Him (and then make all the necessary efforts to become better), we merely judged ourselves and felt like we were are not good enough. And then we use the reason of not being ready, when we already have all the means.

And then there is another notion about bad acts or thoughts that we could accidentally do in Makkah, Allah will then "pay it in cash". Like for example when you buy a pack of orange juice and in your heart you just wanted to enjoy it without sharing with others just because you think you deserve the indulgence. And then the juice spills and what is left is just a little portion for you only. You get your punishment instantly.

Yes it is the truth, but, we are too consumed with that notion and become so afraid and feel we are not ready for Makkah.

We forgot that in Makkah, Allah's presence is actually so near to our heart and we should actually turn to Him in all our goods AND bads. Like for example if you find the weather is too hot, instead of complaining it out loud or commenting on it, we should turn to Him and ask him for mercy and strength to endure it, and for all you know, there will be shade for you in one form or another.

Things like that.Things that makes me wonder perhaps it's time to change the way of perceiving it and be less intimidated and remember that Allah is full or mercy and love.

Thinking that way, I pray. I pray He opens up the heart of ours and the ones we love, so that we should start making some plans and prioritize the visit to His holy land, instead of procrastinating and judging ourselves that we are not good enough.

P/S : Recommended reading by my colleague:
Travelog Haji : Mengubah Sempadan Iman by Muhd Kamil Ibrahim
“Dan Allah mewajibkan manusia mengerjakan ibadat haji dengan mengunjungi Baitullah iaitu sesiapa yang mampu sampai kepadanya. Dan sesiapa yang ingkar, sesungguhnya Allah maha kaya dan tidak berhajatkan sesuatupun daripada sekalian makhluk.” (Surah Ali Imran, ayat 97)

Travelog Haji; Mengubah Sempadan Iman bukan semata-mata catatan pengembaraan insan yang menunaikan fardu haji yang merujuk kepada kisah tempat, budaya, pengangkutan, makanan, minuman dan tempat-tempat menarik dan bersejarah. Ia adalah kisah perjalanan roh insan yang melangkaui kehidupan rutin manusia.

Penulis melakarkan pelbagai persoalan asas dalam kehidupan seorang Muslim. Kepercayaan kepada penciptanya, tetapi terdesak dengan kejahilan diri yang sememangnya dimiliki oleh jutaan masyarakat Islam yang lain menyebabkan dia mencari jawapan kepada beberapa persoalan yang merunsingkan. Buku ini membawa pembaca mengenali diri sendiri dan bersedia melakukan perubahan besar dalam hidup mereka.

Buku ini sesuai dibaca oleh semua lapisan masyarakat terutama mereka yang tercari-cari buku motivasi agama dan panduan ibadah yang ditulis secara santai dan bersahaja. Bagi mereka yang bakal dan berpengalaman menunaikan fardu haji mendapati buku ini mempunyai nilai yang hebat. Ia mempunyai kemampuan yang luar biasa.
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Tisha said…
semoga apa yg dihajati dipermudah dan dipercepatkan olehNya :)

mmg best!
Ayuni A. said…
Tq beb. Insya Allah :)
Anonymous said…
what a lovely post. i sgt sgt appreciate this post. will keep this post in my heart. thank uuu.. aimi
Ayuni A. said…
Aww thanks Aimi :) Segan pulak dibaca oleh lecturer English. My grammar is all over the place. Heheh.

Glad that its meaningful to you :)
Unknown said…
When you feel you're ready *even though macam tiba2 je terasa macam dah sedia*, insyaAllah you're ready. In 2006 I had that feeling. I still had some credit card debts but felt that some of the proceeds from festive gift baskets at that time should go towards my umrah trip (instead of langsaikan kredit kad hehe).
I went alone, I kenal my room-mates masa kat airport. I walked to and from the mosque by myself most of the time. Semua lancar, alhamdulillah. Takde benda hilang, I didn't get lost (yes some people got separated from their group)
So I think semuanya bergantung pada niat. I really really wanted to go that time, sorang pun sorang lah. Alhamdulillah semua lancar waktu tu, even masa balik pun :)
Memang ramai orang akan fikir you dah ready ke...? Don't let that get to you. Bagus kalau dah ada niat, jadi doa je supaya you diberi peluang olehNya. It may be soon or it may be later, but as we all know Allah has the best plans for us :)
Ayuni A. said…
Wahh...what an experience Kak Millie. Tulah kalau niat kita betul2 nak pegi, Insya Allah dipermudahkan. I had a friend who went alone too, I guess its not that bad eh. Moga murah rezeki saya ke sana. Aminnn :)

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