Bella's School Trip!

A few weeks back, Bella’s playschool had organized a little trip to an animal farmhouse, and the best part was that parents were also invited along (I have this kind of anxiety knowing that my child is out and about without me around).

At first I have thought of not going, because it happened to fall on a weekday and hubby was also not around as he was working.

But then after some persuasion by her teacher, who was very positive that we will enjoy it, I finally said yes. So I ended up taking a day off to accompany Bella on the trip. Hubby too was happy that I did so, he felt bad that he could not come along and join us. Its OK dear, we will do it again next time :)

I tell you, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

The animal farmhouse named “Farm in the City” is actually located somewhere in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. For more details on the location and address, click below to be directed to their FB page.

The place is kind of new, and it is actually well kept and very clean, which makes the trip more pleasant. They have a wide variety of animals ranging from ponies to exotic reptiles.  They also have a petting zoo to feed cute little bunnies, hamsters and guinea pigs.

They even have a vegetable farm somewhere but Bella and I did not make it because the path to the vegetable farm was a bit rough and not suitable for toddlers. And we did try Longkang Fishing, which was actually quite tough!

OK I am beginning to feel that photos will tell you more about this place. I myself was very excited; can you imagine how excited Bella was too? Haha.

Macaws and parrots, amazingly they don't fly away!

Adorable prairie dogs
Feeding the little bunnies. Oh so cute!

Now ice cream time.....

What a rare sight. Peacocks do not do this all the time!

Enjoying the duck show.

Bella was freaked out with this innocent tortoise. Was NOT FREAKED OUT with huge goats though!
The iguana who just loved to be pet, and a sweet looking deer.

We had such fun! :)

Can you believe that throughout the walk Bella was on her feet? Never once she asked me to carry her; she probably thought that she should not miss the chance to explore everything in front of her, that curious little girl. I was pretty amazed with her stamina, hahaha. And gotta admit that it was good exercise for her mommy too!

Aah, what an adventure. Definitely recommend it for you and your family too. Go, go! :D


ishamizu said…
Bestnya! Good girl n tough la Bella..boleh bawak makan angin lg jauh ni ;)
Huda@Hood said…


em.macam kesian pulak Kakak Syasya tak pergi school.

Ayuni A. said…
izu: hihihi, makan angin jejauh mak dia pun sukaaaaa. bila laaa nak sampai Europe lagi...le sighh..

Huda: Playschool byk benefitnya wak. Cuba la consider :)
Anis said…
Baru read through ur posts~ lamanye aku missed out! Hihi and this surely seems sgt interesting!
Terus rs nk bwk tya g zoo now~ haahahah x nyempat2 nk tunggu die besar sket kan :P

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