Braving the crowd for the Christmas holidays!

Among the things that I love living in a multicultural country like Malaysia is the abundance of festive seasons. See in this country,we have 4 major festive seasons throughout the year, and at this time its going to be Christmas! And in the interest of my non-Malaysian reader, besides Christmas we also have Eids, Chinese New Year and Deepavali :)

The thing about Christmas season is that it has this extra ambience to it, where its associated to long holidays. One is because it is the loonggg school break and two because working people will also take the chance to clear their annual leave balances (like me!). Not to mention the fancy decorations all over the malls and the year end sales too!

Although I love the festive seasons, I am not much a fan of going on a real holiday during these times, again one because of the crazzzzy traffic and two because most of the holiday spots would be full of people.

But not this year.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the pearl of the orient, Penang for a last minute planned holiday with my family (dad,mom and siblings too). Yes very last minute, and I was the one who booked the hotel, thank God there are still rooms available!

It has been a while since we went to Penang really. I could not recall when, that is how long it has been. I heard Penang has changed a lot, so that adds to the excitement.

Any interesting places to visit in Penang besides Bukit Bendera? Some tips would be helpful! :)

P/S: I am a bit nervous about the roadtrip though, hopefully Bella won't get too cranky and bored. Time to pack another travel fun bag perhaps!


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