Wikki Stix and a coupon for you!

To be honest crickets rang when I first heard this product’s name.

Sorry Wikkistix, but apparently you are a newbie on our shores. Well at least not in my circle of moms or something like that, but don’t get me wrong, turns out you are brilliant!

Brilliant does not even do justice to your description, so let’s talk more shall we?

This colourful little things are called Wikkistix. They are actually strands of yarns, coated with non-toxic patented wax, making it sticky and flexible yarn strands. Best of all, it does not stain, repeat, no stain (means no mess!) and can be used over and over again. How cool is that? I for one vouch for the no stain part, such a lifesaver!

They come in fancy packages of 6 to 48 pieces, in 27 different colours. They're also gluten free, and very safe for children because they’re non toxic too (in case some kid mistaken it as a candy of sorts, lol).These fun things are very popular back in their original home (the USA) and are being widely used as educational tools, craft and playtime toys and for sure be able to occupy children’s time especially if you are on flight or in restaurants (talk about peace of mind huh?)

Obviously these yarns have made it a hit among kids and parents, the possibilities of getting crafty with it are almost endless. Besides being used in the classrooms and home, these yarns are also being used to cater to the needs of the visually impaired by simulating Braille, and even being used in therapies for autism.

Some of the amazing creatables I personally like:

Animal craft

Learning geometry

Baby mobile

Learning basic shapes

All you need is to be creative with it, and trust me you will never get bored with it.

In my case however, because Wikkistix is meant for children 3 years and older (they can already appreciate the novelty), as expected my little Bella who is just 2, is not that interested with them (yet!).

No worries though, maybe it is not time for Bella, but as a mommy (and a self-proclaimed domestic goddess wannabe) I have other alternatives of making use of these pieces.

Wikkistix actually made my list in the Home & Living department. Because of its sticky and flexible texture, it became my home fix saviour! Look at what I came up with:

Cable ties (instead of those boring blacks or whites)

No-slip hangers

As an adhesive & decoration  for Bella's play room (when Bella is ready I can take it down anytime and let Bella have her own thrill with it!)
Just stick the stix behind the paper and mount it wherever you please
Interested now? Worry not, Wikkistix has just made its debut in Asia and is now available in Malaysia, as per here:

Books Kinokuniya – Kuala Lumpur 
Lot 406-408 & 429-430 Level 4,
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2164-8133

CzipLee Bangsar
1 & 3 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2287 7699

Kraf Kydz Enterprise

Mama Paradise / KidsnMum
No 2-29-2 Sinaran Satu, Persiaran Anggerik
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 603 5131 8917 / 6016 311 8917
Anddddd this is the fun part, as part of an appreciation to my readers, Wikkistix is also very generous to offer you, my lovely readers, a discount of 10% on any purchase made from their online store, www.wikkistixasia.com.   
All you have to do is key in this code when you are checking out: 

As for delivery services, they offer FREE delivery without any minimum purchase.

Want some more fun and awesome ideas on how to use Wikkistix? Visit their website and don’t forget to LIKE them at their Facebook too! 



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