Another hantaran handiwork

Just like I mentioned before, my weekend was busy.

After a busy weekend I was also on leave yesterday to take little Bella to her school trip (will blog about that one soon!)

So another girl cousin got married and this time we are the bride side. With that everyone knows what comes with a girl who is getting married – perfection. Heheh. That’s normal I guess. Happened to me, but if you asked me for an advice – here is a piece:

Never attempt to do everything on your own. You will be too busy to even enjoy and savour the moment. 

Anyway I did my best to help her with the hantaran (wedding gifts) and her hand bouquet; I hope that made her happy. She is now happily married, and my well wishes all goes to her and her husband.

Congratulations, Yana and Alan. And welcome to the married club. Hehe. 

The design was colourful, and she preferred a mix of soft colours. I just worked with the flowers and trays that she already bought. I also made a yellow and purple hand bouquet for her, which she used during her nikah (solemnization) ceremony.

Some people thought that I am venturing into a hantaran business or such. Tell you I am not. Don’t know whether I would, coz it sure requires a lot of time and effort, which is very scarce at the moment. My hands are quite full these days, and I am yet to learn the right ways of prioritising things.

Plus there is a lot of practice needed. In my “portfolio” now are just only the ones for my own wedding and my brother’s engagement and wedding.

Well maybe I can put it in my if-I-become-a-WAHM list for me to look into later.

Meanwhile I’ll just stick to helping family and friends :)


ishamizu said…
Cantik! Simple but yet so pretty.
Ada bakat la you..;)
Unknown said…
Very pretty! Pandai you gubah bunga2 tu...the colour combination was just nice. Thumbs up :)
Tisha said…
nicely put and arranged! well done!
Ayuni A. said…
Aww thanks very much u all! :) Tu lah very simple, tapi nasib baikla bride suka. Hehe..

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