Turning 2 very soon!

Alright that’s it. I am not going to let time rob me of my love to write.

I owe this blog a huge update, and what? Has it really been nearly a month?

I am in the midst of settling down with the house move (like finally!). Although the house does not look as neat but I am grateful that we made it through, and last night we got to sleep in the master bedroom for the first time! Curtains are only coming in tomorrow, so those neighbours who can see through the window and find amusing things, lucky you. LOL.

I will make a proper post about the new house later (promise!).

Bella has just started her new school too, and so far it looks like she loves it. Although it does burn a few holes in our pockets, for you dear daughter, we don’t mind. Plus we need all the comfort of knowing that our child is in good hands.

Amidst this busy house move I almost forgot to plan for Bella’s birthday. Not that I forgot that her birthday is very near, it’s just that I thought we could postpone the celebration to maybe a few weeks later when everything finally settles down.

Then again the teacher was asking me of what my plan for Bella is, and I figured, a piece of cake and some goodie bags at school won’t hurt I guess. I am unsure myself of when hubby and I can really throw a proper party anyway.

I have not made any cake order though, oops! I hope I can find some decent ones off the racks somewhere this weekend.
My dear Salsabila,

I really could not believe that you are turning 2 very soon. Next thing I know you are already in high school and someday you will fly the nest. Just thinking of that can make me tear up.

It’s really challenging taking care of you these days, Mommy’s got to admit that. And maybe Mommy too should cheer up a bit more, and do not get too overwhelmed when things do not turn out as planned.

So Bella, it’s OK, you just continue to be the curious and friendly you. Mommy’s gotta live with that. After all that is what we both wanted for you, to learn as much as you can from life itself, the ups and the downs.

And maybe when you grow a bit older, a massage on this sore shoulders or a nice hairbrush will do to make it up to Mommy (I can see you are interested in that already).

Love you forever and a day,



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