Bella's 2nd Birthday

This was Bella at her school yesterday.

Yep, she seems to love the idea of having a cake with candles on it. When the class sang her the birthday song, she waited intently to blow the candles.

Just that she could not produce enough wind from her mouth to blow it off, teacher had to help her fan it out. LOL. So cute. Its OK dear, you can try again next year :)

I did not have time to pre-order a fancy cake from a decent bakeshop, so I only resorted to a take away cake from AEON Supermarket last Sunday. It was not that bad really, just had to make sure its chocolate and it worked like magic, all the kids loved it. Most of all, the birthday girl loved it! She was busy with her cake when she was supposed to be handing out goodie bags to her classmates heheh.

I am just glad I manage to have some snapshots of Bella’s 2nd birthday, despite being too caught up with things. Which, reminds me that I should always focus on my priority list too.

Just some more photos while I am still at it...

This was her birthday last Sunday, 7th October 2012. Snapped this photo just after she woke up. Yeah, very excited.
Then we clebrated the day with a lovely lunch with my parents and siblings.


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