Raya 2012

Bella in her polka dot baju kurung.
Obviously we were not colour coordinated (thanks to my our last minute shopping I guess).

I hope it is not too late for me to wish Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers!

I have been busy with travelling and of course, celebrating Eid in my parents hometown, I barely had time to touch to computer. Good thing I still had my Iphone, eventhough the network connection was not that excellent.

Amidst the celebration, hubby and I were also busy with our house move and the new home preparation. Plus hubby also had to work on the first two days of Raya (that is what we call Eid in Malaysia). So yeah, Raya was not so "Raya Sakan" for us this year, but nonetheless it's still great to be able to meet our relatives eventhough it was just for a short moment.

Speaking of the new home, Alhamdulillah, things are moving according to plan so far. We managed to get an affordable contractor to do the full interior and exterior paintjob and our master toilet renovation, and its already halfway through. Looking at the pace Insya Allah we may be able to finally move in in mid September.

Honestly I hope that this is the last house move for the next many years, really, it is soo tiring and consumes much of our brains, time and wallet, especially.

So here it is again, a warm Eid Mubarak wishes from my little family and I. Just so you know, in Malaysia, Eid is celebrated a whole month long, and I do hope that I get a chance to be invited to an Eid open house soon, heheh (so lame right? No invitations so far! LOL).


Anonymous said…
Masha-Allah, what a cute baby girl :)

Color co-ordinated? I think if you were to combine the colors of your outfit, your daughter's and your husbands... the combined colors would be that of a tangerine or orange, you the orange, your baby the leaf, and your husband the stick if you know what I mean :o)

a belated and blessed Eid Mubarak sister in Islam from the Philippines :)

Unknown said…
Eid Mubarak, mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Nice to know your Iedul fitri celebration with the families
Ayuni A. said…
Thank you Aef and Mariam :)

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