Salsabila at 21 months.

Oh hello there.

I noticed that I have yet to write anything for this month, and its already the middle of July!

And..I just realized that I have not posted anything particular about my little Bella since forever.

Well maybe I got too caught up with being her mommy, I really wish that life has that pause button where I can hit it and have a private time to just reflect and document things (yeah how I always wish).

My attempt at making her look like a cat. It works, no?
 So as you may have already know, Bella is now an adventurous little toddler and most of the days she is always busy getting to know the world.

She is officially 21 months (can you believe it?), and in just a few months she will be turning 2.

The thing that amazes me about this little lady is how fast she catches up with things. I tell you, everytime she wakes up in the morning, I could see the excitement in her face, something that tells me, "Mommy, so yesterday I learnt this and that, so, what's more in store?". She also seems like she already has a list of things to do for the day. She never fails to surprise us everyday, with a newfound skill eventhough its just a teeny weeny thing.

She is getting really good at puzzles, she already mastered the ones that I bought for her and now she ended up hiding the pieces and just having fun watching mommy search for it. Pfftt..

Speechwise, oh she is a real chatterbox. Wonder where she got that from? Hmm.. Although there are only a few words that really made sense, like "Nak!", "Please", "Hot" and some others, I can already tell that she loves making conversations with her endless babblings.

Food-wise, still a picky eater. I guess she is not as foodie as me, being veryy careful every mealtime. She loves rice though not all the dishes that goes with it. The only time that I get her to eat everything on the menu is when I turn it into a porridge. So occassionally, yes, she still eats porridges so that she will get sufficient vege intake. I think I should spend some time being more creative about how to feed her.

She is showing a lot of interest in books lately, so I think this is a perfect time to start the book time bed ritual again. Granted her age, she already have a longer attention span which allows me to make silly noises and funny faces about the characters in her book. Insya Allah, I shall keep this consistent. I admit that I have my lazy and please-sleep-mommy-just-wants-to-rest days, but I shall not let this happen too much.

And that is about it I guess, for now. I can go on and on, but let's just settle here.

In a nutshell, my Bella is no longer a baby now. And much to my surprise, I am pass the fear of being pregnant and giving birth again. These days I always catch myself daydreaming about another baby, and breastfeeding!

Not that I am planning for another one real soon. But I have to admit that having another child would be a lovely addition to the family :)


Nariko said…
Bella is so clever! And yes i shall wait for the announcement of adik bella soon eh? Hehe
Ayuni A. said…
hehehe..yes we shall wait :) who knows maybe we will decide is sooner than later! LOL

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