Making a home can crack your head.

Just a sneak peek on what is occupying my mind lately.
Alhamdulillah, the house that we bought is now vacant and ready for the next step (like, finally!). I do not see that we are going to move in very soon though, given the condition of the house which still requires some refurbishment here and there.

The thing about buying as a second owner is that that you have to take care of the wear and tear from the previous owner, and the most sucky part for me so far is that I have to live with some of the interior design "concept" that somehow has become an integral part of the house.

Not that I do not like it, just that it makes it a bit constraining for us to put our own "signature" to the home concept, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, nope, not planning to whine and complaint.

Now we are cracking our heads on which area to refurbish first, and most importantly managing our budget (which is quite tight I shall say).

Such a headache. But such an excitement too.

I am having the potential contractor coming over for a quotation tomorrow, I hope it stays within our numbers *pray*

Until then, Happy Friday everyone!

{disclaimer : All photos are not mine. I obtained it via my search on Google but bummer, I forgot to take note of the source. Please let me know if you are the owner and you wish me to credit you }


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