Good Luck Malaysia!

My best wishes and prayers to Malaysia, my beloved country contingent to the London Olympics 2012. This year we shall win our first Olympics gold medal!

I am so proud and overwhelmed to watch them in the parade last night, I was close to tears. Just so you know I am quite the sappy person, haha. I do easily get overwhelmed with emotions.

Having the games in Europe means that its a timezone challenge for us back home, but then I am sure there are also a lot of our people over there watching and supporting them live in action. They are also facing a unique challenge this year, having to play during Ramadhan.

Good luck Malaysia, our support is always with you guys and girls! Bring 'em gold home!

Here is a good source for our contingent's update :


Anonymous said…
Ramadan Mubarak :)

I wonder if the Muslim atheletes at the olympics maintain their fasts while they play the olympic games... but then again, why should I wonder when I don't even care about the London olympics, yes?

Allahu A'lam.

Always include our Muslim brothers and sisters in our du'as. May Allah answer our good du'as and forgive our sins and mistakes. Ameen.

erinchunk said…
ayun,derang kata kita punya baju worst~! pfftt!! kesian designer baju untuk parade tu :P
erinchunk said…
Ayuni A. said…
Erin, gotta agree with you! Haha. Kesian diorang. I think I could have designed a better uniform hihi.

Ramadhan Mubarak to you too Mariam! Thanks for you advice and opinion. I am sorry but you sound a bit judgemental there though. Knowing my fellow Malaysian Muslim, we have our ways of maintaining our faith and ibadaah eventhough we are not in a Muslim friendly country/environment, Insya Allah. We are pretty much used to living in a multi-religion and multi-racial country, so there should be no problem for us :)

Like you said, I pray for the best for them regardless, in terms of keeping their ibadah and also winning the games, because I care :)

Thanks again for visiting!

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