What I love about blogging.

Did I tell you that I actually started blogging back in 2005?

Mainly the reason that I started to blog is because I find that blogging is a very good outlet to channel my thoughts, and without much constraints. Its like I can write whatever that came into my mind, and I felt liberated because I had a place to put the thoughts somewhere instead of boring one of my poor friends to death with my endless ramblings.

And as the years pass, I have grown to love blogging and I found that it helps me with me with my writing skills (something that I really love).

And these days of course, I gotta thank blogging because I also have another channel to make new acquaintances. It is great, in the fact that you get to find people who writes the same stuff as you, and shares the same thoughts, or maybe not so same but hey, that is a new point of view. The fact that you feel that you are relatable to many, and most importantly the fact that you are not alone going through your ups and downs, other people also has their own good and bad times too.

Although sometimes, some people uses blogs as a stage. Portraying only their good sides and times, which in a way misleads people to think that he/she has a perfect life. As I go on with my blogging and readings, I notice that I also tend to fall into this trap too, but certainly now I am more careful. Never to let myself being deceived by these perfect lives, instead, learn to be more thankful with whatever that God has granted me so far.

Bloggers who are honest, relatable and generous, these are the kinds of writers who I look for. Honest as in staying grounded and generous as in readily shares his/her opinions and point of views, without having to bring down others.

And I hope of course, I am this kind of writer too. Well at least I am striving to be one :)

Speaking of bloggers, I am honoured to be accepted into Kissable Cheeks's June 2012 Bloglist and review segment. I just came to know that she was in the same uni that I was in too! Isn't that great? KC also blogs mainly about motherhood and parenting.

Thanks you for accepting me in, KC! :)

 {click on the pic above for more details on this segment}


KC said…
hi dear, thanx for including me in your entry. didnt realize we are from the same uni. =)

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