Being Me : Muslimah Empowered Women Only Conference

I have finally decided that I am going for this event, after quite a while contemplating whether to go or not. Not because it is not interesting (it is totally the opposite!), just that these days there is a toddler logistics department that I have to handle, if you know what I mean. Plus weekends has become a valuable time for me, so I have to make sure that I am not missing out on my child as much as I do during the weekdays.

I have always been a strong believer in women empowerment, and as a Muslim woman, I feel that it is our responsibility to remove the stigma saying that we are oppressed by our own religion. Instead, Islam focuses so much on protecting women and their rights, giving feminine liberation a whole set of new meaning.

Being ME – Muslimah Empowered embarks upon this mission to give Muslimah’s an outlet to express the reality of their lifestyles, share accomplishments that benefit humanity and inspire others to do the same. This is the inaugural Islamic Women’s Conference in Malaysia that allows the opportunity to address the daily challenges facing the Muslim Woman today.
At Being ME, we aspire to provide growth as a community and individually, to celebrate successes, showcase achievements and to enlighten, encourage and empower every Muslimah. We bring forth the opportunity to exploring the roles of Muslimahs’, discussing the struggles of the changing environment as they relate to our roles, as well as addressing our daily challenges became primary focal points in our efforts towards engaging our communities.

Well this is my first time attending this kind of event, and I believe that it would be a very enriching experience. I am going there with an old friend too. Isn’t it lovely to catch up with an old friend and doing something useful like this at the same time?

So, how about you? Purchased your tickets already? Or still contemplating like I did?

Just make sure that you decide fast, since the cheaper rate of RM100 is ending on the 31st May! Tickets purchased after that will be sold for RM 150, so hurry!

See you there!

P/S: I am quite the shy person outside, but I do love making new friends. So if you find me, please do say hi!


Qistin Fadzin said…
I'll definitely be there, insyaAllah! Been following Yasmin Mogahed on Facebook and I know its gonna be a great event! Cant wait!
Ayuni A. said…
Yeay, jumpa sana ye Qis? In syaa Allah :)
ramai jugak yg pg eventnie ye
Ayuni A. said…
Yup :) Dgr mcm ramai gak yang pegi..
KC said…
Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog!. also considered u in my june 2012 blog list.. thanks!

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