Well hello there 2012.

Is it really 2012 already?

Oh dear, 2011 flew by so swiftly. I have a living and walking proof, my dear daughter. Yesterday all she could do is sleep and now, pfft, sleep probably be the last thing in her mind.

Anyway, in retrospect, 2011 was for me, a year of change.

As to why I say so, well, for starters I usually said Happy Mother's Day to my mom, and last year, I said it to myself. I survived a full year of motherhood, full of ups and downs.

Hubby had to quit his job in Kerteh and had to take a better one in Kota Bharu. A tough but important decision for the family's sake, so I had to learn to accept living apart from him again.

I changed my job, from a downright boring job to a full fledge "adventurous" one, in August. I did not move to another company,no, but that transfer was not something I regretted at all. The process of getting a new job started early in the year, and eventually I got it towards the end.

A few months later, I was offered a position in my company's Shah Alam office, much to my delight. I grabbed the opportunity and now I can't wait to move on very soon. Now this is a big change, I am moving out of Kuantan, after 5 years! Yeah I know it has not happened yet, but last year, it started.

Much of my blog entries and Tweets revolves around all the said things above, I have to admit that. But trust me, there are lots of other things going on in my life as I speak.

If you can recall, I wrote down my 2011 resolutions in this blog last year, but then it's a shame when I go back to it, I could not cross off most of them. Probably because I was being too general, or too ambitious. And some of it are not resolutions actually, it is more of a work in progress.

So this year, I have decided not to write new resolutions per se, but instead, I am going to continue and improve on the work in progress (WIP).

As a reminder to my own self, here is what I wrote last year, and please find my updates in green (LOL this sounds like one of my emails at work) :

1) I have been complaining about my job for some time, and I think now is the time for me to do something about it. So I am getting a new job this year. --- Done :)
2) Get a scuba diving license --- This may be too ambitious, but I will keep on trying. So this is WIP.
3) Keep-in-touch better with families and friends --- WIP baby, lots of catching up yet to do.
4) Be happy with my body image --- Eat more healthily, and keep the patience. I know, weight is not lost overnight.
5) Get back on the fitness track --- Still trying hard to find time. WIP.
6) Travel somewhere far --- I made plans last year, but it did not happen. So WIP too.
7) Be a better person, as a whole. --- This is too general isn't it? But anyway I think this is WIP as long as I am still alive.

Yup, that's about it. Good luck again, me!


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