On making distance work, again.

Distance, it seems, has always been present in my life so far.

I started to date my husband when I was in my 1st year in Uni. Too bad, things did not go very well for him, as he had to drop out of school and in turn, continued his studies in another college doing a field of his passion. So that was when it all started. We were both was thrown into a long distance relationship.

At first I gotta admit I was skeptical, but anyway we kept on trying. Alhamdulillah, despite some ups and downs, we both made it until the end. It was not really a smooth sailing journey, I shall say, but with some effort I think distance should not always be the number one factor of giving up your love life. What matters most must be the trust, and honesty, as well as effort. Effort to keep in touch, effort to show that the love and care is still there, and effort of improving oneself in order to make the relationship work.

Having a long distance courtship made me vowed to myself that I am not going to have a long distance marriage. I have always tried to avoid this circumstance, but as usual, life never perfectly turns out the way I want it to be. Recently hubby had to move on to a new job, which is not located near the home, and now, he already became an off-days husband. It is something that I need to adjust and accept, because the decision was made with a reason. A really strong one. So now, we both have to make distance work, again. After all, we made it work before, and now we should be more than ready.

My piece of advice is, of course eventhough you and your man is already used to distance, nevertheless, do not make it as something that you can settle with. I think that it should always be temporary. That eventually, you both can live together in one place as a family.

As for me, this is not going to last long. We have plans for the future. Maybe stop working. Or maybe find a work near his. Either way, someday I will make sure that I will be able to hug my husband and he will be able to kiss our children goodnight, every night again.


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