No more shopping for you, Ayuni!

These days it seems that my longing for (window) shopping has not yet reside. I really need to control myself. I always feel like going to the mall. Its not like I have anything to buy in my mind, I just think that for now it may have become a good stress therapy.

I have vowed not to go out to the mall this weekend, and so far I am winning. I felt the urge just now, and just to "test the water", I tried giving some hints to hubs.

Which, in turn, shut the longing off......

Me : Bi, why do I always feel like going out? Like to the mall, or just go out somewhere? ...isk... *so-called innocent*

Hubby : That's normal. Everybody feels the same way.

Me : *lighting up!* Oh really?? But I feel like its not.... (faking the worry)

Hubby : Oh well, its normal as long as you don't go.

Me : uhuhhh (-____-) * so that means noooo*

Looks like I have to hang in there for a while. No going out for me (at least not for now!)


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