I really love to write.

Sometimes I wish that I am one of those big shot editors, working in an established magazine or publishing company and having my own room to decorate.

Oh well maybe it may seem like I am totally influenced by movies like The Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going on 30 or Lipstick Jungle (because at one point in my life I also wished I was a rockstar, so you know how dreamy I can get. LOL).

But seriously…

In hindsight of my childhood and school days, I realize that really was into writing and languages. I just don’t know why the hell I did not realize that at the right time, not until now.

You see, there were a lot of things that proves to me that language or writing is perhaps the suitable field for me. Or to broaden the topic, let me say that I am more of a right brain person.

Since I was a child I adapt really fast with languages and words. I learned to read at the age of 2 years old. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I was even invited as a guest in TV3 show, Sekapur Sirih, because I can read in English very smoothly. They asked me to read an English newspaper on air, in front of a really big camera with a black hole that scared the hell out of me. I was constantly looking away from it; I remember they keep on reminding me to look back into the hole because apparently it was the lens.

I have the biggest collection of books, compared to my siblings. I remember my aunty came and give me a stack of books when I was little, and I was in love with books eversince. I am the one who always had a book to read all of the time, even until now. Except that these days I had to spend a lot of time to finish one book, because I have to allocate more time for more important things.

I process visuals and letters better then I process numbers. To be honest I am really spooked by big numbers. And when I come across numbers in my reading, I tend to skip the part subconsciously. I feel comfortable that way. Do not ask me to memorize a car plate number; I will end up just giving you the letters. I always dial the wrong phone number whenever I tried to dial out of my memory.

I grasp dialects very fast. Many people are amazed that I can switch from talking in normal Malay dialect, to Kelantanese dialect and to Kedah dialect the next minute. Some of them got confused as to where I came from. I can memorize some French words just by doing shopping (this was back when my parents were living in Switzerland, I used to read the labels whenever they bought groceries from the local supermarket). So I guess I can do grocery shopping in France. LOL.

In high school, I aced all my core subjects (History,English,Bahasa, etc) in my SPM. I got 1A without much struggle, unlike the elective subjects like Add Maths, Physics or Chemistry. I ended up getting 2A for those, with a LOT of struggle. My favourite subject was English (obviously), and at one time my teacher was so impressed with my essay he read the whole piece to the class. I also loved Bahasa Melayu essay. I joined the English debate team for a short period time, I loved the talking and preparation of the contents, but I disliked the time constraint so I had to quit.

I wished I was invited to be one of the school magazine committee but perhaps because I was quite a brat (I had a fair share of mischieves when I was in lower secondary), they blacklisted me and consider me not suitable. I was secretly disappointed but I contributed a piece of my work to the magazine albeit my disappointment. They published me. As a pastime I loved to draw characters from Majalah Ujang – Blues untuk Aku. I also wrote some poems to go with it. Talk about going blues. Give me a paper and a pencil, and you will not get back an empty piece because I love to doodle.

Well, of course I do not have the best English grammar and structure when writing, nor do I have an immaculate skill at drawing or arts. But it’s the enthusiasm that I am happy to possess. I am glad that at least I have this blog to channel this creative energy, and perhaps now is the time to delve into the prospect of making this something I do everyday. Who knows, I can do something I really like, eventually.


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