On turning 27.

I should have posted this a few days ago, but I am still posting anyway. Here is to fabulous 27 years and many more to come, insya Allah.

27 lessons that I learned from 27 years of existence...

One, that love always perseveres.

Two, that God's power is in every bit of life. In breathing, in the very air that we inhale everyday.

Three, that nothing beats a mother's unconditional love.

Four, that as humans it is only natural to make mistakes. That is why we are given brains, to learn from it.

Five, that forgiveness may be hard but it should come eventually.

Six, that being lonely sucks big time.

Seven, that it is never too late to do something I have wanted to do all this while.

Eight, that when I count my blessings life turns out to be a-OK after all.

Nine, that a child could be one of my best teachers.

Ten, that patience is a virtue.

Eleven, that time is precious but never seems to be enough. Learn to use it wisely.

Twelve, that knowledge is in every nook and cranny. I discover new things everyday and I am loving it.

Thirteen, that being judgemental does more harm than good.

Fourteen, that ignorance is bliss but very deceiving.

Fifteen, that being married is one of the best decision I have ever made.

Sixteen, that God works in a very mysterious way.

Seventeen, that it is healthy to accept criticism but not let it pull me down.

Eighteen, that once in a while crying is a very effective stress therapy.

Nineteen, that cooking is a great therapy too.

Twenty, that food is a blessing and a medium to strengthen friends and family ties.

Twenty one, that music is the best way to express myself.

Twenty two, that holding a grudge is exhausting.

Twenty three, that being silent sometimes is better.

Twenty four, that growing up is a continuous improvement process.

Twenty five, that I have to accept that sometimes things does not turn out the way I plan it to be.

Twenty six, that reading a good book till the end is liberating.

Twenty seven, that there will be more lessons to learn as I grow henceforth.


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