Bella in her 5th month.

It is hard trying not to blog about my baby lately, so i hope you could bear with me.I feel like it is important for me to document her progress, as much as i can. She is growing so fast, one day she is only able to lift her head, the next she is already moving about on her tummy.

It is exciting being a new mommy, every second with my baby is a lesson and occassionally i am rewarded with a pleasant surprise. Like the first time she grasps my finger tightly while nursing, or when she stares at me thoughtfully and when i noticed, she smiled sweetly.

Although i got to admit that there are some nerve wrecking episodes too, but trust me, there is this kind of mechanism that makes you forget the feeling and pour more love to your child.

Bella has now turned into quite an active baby, seizing every possible opportunity to explore the world around her. She has not crawled yet, but she is definitely more mobile now since she already figured out how to move about using her tummy and her legs. Let's just say that I have started to "sweat" more now, as I am required to be more cautious of her movements.It is time to give a little more thought on childproofing the home too.


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