On making a change.

After 4 years joining the working world, I am at a crossroads. I don't know, maybe I have arrived at a point where I feel like its time to escape and move on, instead of continuing to do something less rewarding. Have you ever felt this way? Like you are walking on an endless road but suddenly there is this thick, concrete wall stopping you from moving forward?

I think its time. I want to do something more gratifying. Yes I may not get the same pay and the same perks that I am enjoying right now, but at least I have a clearer purpose.

Oh well, people say in life you don't always get what you want, but I’d say, it’s not wrong to try getting it in the first place. At least, if you lose, you lose with pride. Either get it, or die trying.

It’s that simple isn’t it?

Sometimes looking back I wish I had explored more options when I finished my SPM. I should not have done this degree that I have now. I think I did it because back then the choices were vague. I personally think that the Form 5 students in my school were not exposed to many career and courses options, which made us settle with something that we thought we should do. That is why it’s important to have a career/course counselor in schools, it helps a lot. I wish I had one.

At this moment I am longing for a job that allows me to be creative, in a more, say, infinite way. Yes, all jobs require us to think creatively but certain jobs only limit you to be creative within its scope. Like IT for example, no matter how creative you could be, you can only do it within its boundaries. Because it’s a technical thing. You just have to stick with the rules, if not, it would just not work! No more technical stuff for me please.

I want to become a writer, or a journalist. Because I am passionate about discovering things, and sharing it out with people. And because I think too much, and I need a place to channel it out. I may not have the formal education, but I am going to search for the opportunity and just give it a try.

How about you? Have you ever been in a career change episode before? Any tips or two to share, or maybe just some opinion?


verdania said…

every words you say reflects everything i am feeling for the past 2 years.. i guess i have not gotten my pushing factor yet to pursue something else out there.. but definitely, i am worn out by this job and tech thingy... agree with the perks and salary, but if i'm unhappy, that don't mean a thing, isn't it?
kayla said…
hi yuni. i've read this post last week kot but tak sempat nak post a comment. i've felt the same of what you're going through (it comes and goes, and i think it's a common process in a lot of people). i always believe, while we can make the decision to change something, we should go for it. but then again, i know it's not easy as that. there are priorities on one hand, and on the other hand, there's passion. don't ever regret of what you have previously learned, because whether you realize it or not, you have/or will apply that knowledge in your life maybe indirectly. most importantly, just keep on doing the things that make you happy, things you're passionate about. you may not get to do them everyday but include them in your life once in a while. write, blog, take photos, make crafts, doodle, whatever it may be :) Insha'Allah, i believe that when the time is right, you'll come at an easier cross-road. or you never know, you may start to find something gratifying about your job and still pursuing your passion simultaneously. As one of my panels said to me once, "Follow your bliss."
Ayuni A. said…
Shafaf and Kayla. There must have been some glitches that made me missed your comments here, but if you are reading this, thank you!

Shafaf, true, if we are not happy, then the worn out feeling will haunt us forever. Ko kan suka make up and beauty, how about that for a change? Start a business or something :)

Kayla, I could not agree more. Keeping the passion burning, that is very important. "Follow your bliss", what a phrase and very true indeed :)

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