Of how much a baby can change you.

Being me, I am proud to say that I am a good at finding my feet. Throw me anywhere and there is a big likelihood that I will do fine. I thank the experiences that led me to being the way I am. Perhaps being sent to boarding school at a young age has its perks after all.

As proud as I can be of my adaptability, but when it comes to having a baby, I once found myself wondering whether I can make it through. Will I be able to take care of her? Will I be a good mother? How can I ensure that she gets all the best she deserves? What would people say about me being a mom? And the list goes on…

Having a baby really changes you. Or at least, it does change me.

Having a baby brings out the best in me. I have learned to spot my bad traits, and I try my best to improve.

I used to be a very hasty and impatient person, especially when it comes to something that I really wanted, but now, I have learned to take it easy. Its not that I should stop from pursuing what I want, but it’s simply to take more time to look before I start leaping. A baby teaches me this, by forcing me to learn her character in order to understand her needs.

A baby teaches me to be more confident of myself, because if I am not confident enough, I couldn't raise her to be a confident and strong human being herself. And for that I have learned to count my blessings ever more, and be thankful for what Allah has given me. And as simple as it can be, I have learned to embrace my body. To live with what I have for now, and try to work with it instead of spending too much effort to change it (yes, I am talking about my baby bulges). Don't get me wrong again, its not that I should stop making effort (because with effort and prayer, only one can change), it’s just that I should know how far should I go.

3 months Bella has been in my life, 3 months I have lived more contently. And now I look forward to many more changes and surprises that she will bring, being part of the gift called family :)


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