This day on this holy Ramadhan, i finally lift my lazy fingers.

I am officially super rusty at blogging. I even feel that my writing skills has been lacking, due to the very low frequency of doing it. Even my B&B blog has been left alone for some time. Poor me.

I dont know. I guess this pregnancy has taken a toll on me already. I am not complaining, but i am not denying the exhaustion. Plus i am not allowed to surf and browse the Internet in the office as much as could before. Stupid policies. And when i reach home, the only thing i can think of is hitting the sack and rest.

Anyway..i am now at 32 weeks. I cant believe it myself, but its the reality. The belly is getting heavier, and baby is getting livelier :) I cant wait to see her, but i am also quite anxious about delivery. Well, its more of a "fear of the unknown" thing.

So far most of the preparation have been done, and i am now left with very few in my checklist. I am supposed to start packing my hospital bag, just in case, but no i have not started yet. I just finished the baby laundry, maybe this weekend i can start packing already huh?

The only thing that is bugging me now is finding the right babysitter. Previously i had this kind of informal agreement with my neighbour that she will help take care of the baby when i have to go back to office, but recently i found out that she is leaving to follow her husband to work in the west coast. Bummer :( So now we have to start the search again. I hope we will find the right one. I could be one very hard person to please, especially when it comes to my baby.

Speaking of delivery, i have found a great service provider for my confinement, finally. Would like to promote it a bit, because i have a good feeling that it will be worth my penny. I am lucky that i get to have confinement at my mum's house in Putrajaya, so i have the option of hiring this provider. If you are interested, do visit their website here. Package is customizable.Will try to review more after the confinement experience.

Oklah. Gotta stop now. Its 6.50 pm and i have to prepare for break fast. I made panna cotta today, cant wait to taste it (since its my first time).

Have a blessful Ramadhan to all my Muslim readers :)


mohd ilham said…
Happy Delivering.. Dah nk ada anak dah!
Ayuni A. said…
hihi thanks :) doakan semua berjalan lancar ye..insya allah :)

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