There is this thing called babymoon, that I discovered from The Bump. After giving it a thought, I think why not? At last after persuading and convincing hubby, he agreed to it. And we are heading for our babymoon this weekend, yeay! After all, this is our last chance of having a time exclusive to both of us, reflecting on our plans on the future and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Of course babymooning is not like a typical holiday, where you go to many places and explore. Because I just finished my second trimester, and the belly is getting heavier now, we chose a place to relax and unwind. And not too far away, just an hour drive from KL. It is a spa resort actually, so I really look forward to what they can offer to a pregnant lady like me. Honestly a simple head and back massage could do wonders these days, it just feels sooo damn good.

Well let’s just save the story for the post babymoon post shall we?

Speaking of baby, I am now in my 26th week of gestation. Baby is moving ever so much now, and I notice that she has her own schedule. Our next prenatal checkup is for the 3D scanning, and I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of this little munchkin inside :)

I am in a dilemma right now, whether to deliver in KL or in Kuantan. The thing is that I am going through my confinement period in Putrajaya, so wouldn't it be easier if I just deliver there? Problem is, the due date is just an estimation, I will never know when is the right time, unless there are certain things that requires me to go on with a planned delivery. Any tips or advice?


Cerita Cici said…
take an early leave dear, if possible...kita kna ada di tempat or area utk bersalin at least a week before the due date...if u plan to deliver at Putrajaya, stay there early, or better, make one or two appoinment with doc there. dia akan lebih tahu condition kita drpd main terjah hari kelahiran tu... ;p
anak sulung ci bersalin waktu 39, we'll never know kan....kna get ready as early as 36 weeks.... ;)
Ayuni A. said…
cici! :) thanks for the advice dear.thats a good idea too..kite plan nak gi bukak satu rekod jugak kat annur bangi, so that doc tak surprise sgt tiba2 terberanak kat sana.hihi.
Cerita Cici said…
jgn lupa pilih hospital yg rakan bayi okey....sgt sgt sgt penting utk breastfeed baby nanti... ;p
Diyana Di said…
relax n hv fun there!

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