Welcome back!

The thing about blogging is that you see yourself grow, through your own writing. I have been blogging since my internship days in 2005, and looking back at my posts, i could see how i viewed my world at that particular time. Somewhat quirky, somewhat naive and innocent, i shall say.Not to mention the moments of my life that i managed to put down in writing, and that too adds to the perks of keeping a blog.

It took me about 3 years to realize that Blogger is actually more flexible, for a person who is as fickle as me. Back in 2007 i have decided to move to Wordpress, because maybe i was looking for something more sharp and professional looking. However Wordpress also has its limitations, and one that annoys me most is i cannot get too creative with it (unless i subscribe to a payable plan, i guess).

Anyway, here i am again, back on the older blog that i used to write before. You can dig through my archives if you feel like getting to know me in the past. But from this post onwards, its me talking at this point of my life.

And now i have a home to go to back to, and a dinner to cook for a beloved husband, and a baby inside (gosh, see how far have i come?) ;)


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