God's trials comes in many forms...

...and for us, it was in a form of a 10 year old boy and his brother.

Last Sunday we had our lunch at a fast food chain, somewhere in Kemaman town. I was looking for ABC to satisfy my cravings and because it was such a hot day, but to my dismay, none was found. So the easiest and fastest way is of course the fast food.

On the way in i noticed these 2 boys playing outside the restaurant, the older brother was casually lying on the sidewalk, toying with his own slippers. The younger one was making fun of his brother, and obviously both of them was having a good time.

I whispered to hubby, "Ish budak ni, baring pulak dia atas jalan ni". Hubby just acknowledged my note with a small laugh.

So we both went in straight to the counter, ordered our food, and while we were doing so, those 2 boys was peeping through the window, i was not sure whether it was part of their game or something else. Hubby, was looking around and somehow made eye contact with them. He teased them with his face a bit, and at that moment i knew that the boys was looking for an opportunity.

We chose to sit at the upper level of the restaurant, and just a few minutes after we sat down, we heard voices coming from the staircase. Just as i have thought, the 2 boys was making their way to our table. I whispered to hubby to just ignore them and see what they want to do. So the older one came close, and stood by the table, looking at hubby. The younger one was a bit shy, and his brother had to call him a few times to come by.

Who in the right mind can bear to let a young kid stare while eating away like that, so hubby asked the older brother to sit beside him. We started a conversation. After asking the basic questions of the parents whereabouts and where he came from, i asked some more questions. "Adik datang sini buat apa?". Then he said, "Mintak". "Selalu ke datang sini?" "Selalu.." "Mak tau adik datang mintak?". "Tau". "Tak sekolah ke hari ni?". "Mak tak bagi pergi sekolah".

Well you see, these 2 boys did not look like they come from a really poor family, judging from the clothes they were wearing. So we came to a conclusion, perhaps, the mom was not aware where her sons was at all, or maybe, they really are some poor folks from the village nearby. Either way, we hope the best for them.

We gave them something for the road anyway, just enough for the both of them, while, in the process, tried to put some advice in the brother's head. Something like go to school, save money, etc, you know, all the stuff people say to kids so that they do not turn out bad when they grow up.

Sigh. We hope they will do fine eventually.

And as for us, that was one heck of a trial, i shall put it that way. Especially given the fact that we are both going to be parents soon.

Dear God,please gives us the strength and wisdom, to raise our own children, to be the best they can be and give them the best that they deserve.Amin.


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